GameZone: Q&A with Rise of the Argonauts' Andrew Rubino

GameZone writes: "When creating Rise of the Argonauts, one thing stood out in the minds of development team members like game designer Andrew Rubino: immersion. "Probably our biggest goal with Rise of the Argonauts was that the player can fully immerse himself in the world and not just feel like he's playing a video game," said Rubino. "But when we looked at a lot of RPG conventions, we found many elements that interrupted the player's experience. We want players running through Greece, making important decisions and battling fierce enemies, not spending 10 minutes navigating through menus screens. So we streamlined the RPG elements, keeping the depth while removing the complexity.

"For example, we don't have any arbitrary stats: items and upgrades all give Jason a unique, tangible ability, not something vague like "Int +1." Instead, Jason gets weapons like the Fist of Ares, which causes shields to explode, ripping apart nearby enemies with shrapnel. Anybody can read that description and immediately understand how that weapon works and why it's useful. In this way, player customization makes a huge difference on how the game plays, but it's a much faster experience.'"

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