Gamersinfo Review - Duke Nukem 3D "Guns, aliens, babes. Duke always makes sure he starts his day handling one of the three, or any unique combo thereof. Some people might begin their mornings with Folger's in their cup. Duke usually starts his with a retaliatory mass extinction of an entire alien race. They deserve what he does to them - most of the time. Back in 1996, Duke had just busted out on the 3D scene with Duke Nukem 3D, and for a gigantic grab bag of every iconic B-movie action star and pop culture reference known to man, the experience was pleasantly fresh. The gameplay was strong, and the entertainment was absurdly fun. Now with the Xbox 360 bimonthly shooter due out to meet quota, Xbox Live Arcade gives us the port of Duke Nukem 3D to once again remind us of why it was so groovy to play in the first place.

XBLA is no stranger to ports. Some of its earliest and most routine affairs are usually within the familiar space of a game that has made itself known elsewhere for longer periods of time, Duke Nukem not withstanding. The cautionary tale of any Xbox Live port always begins with the demos for me, as I've been left with a bitter taste more than once for lackluster or just downright goofy attempts at updated ports (see my reviews of Double Dragon, Frogger and Defender). The Big Duke has luckily dodged a bullet in this exceedingly important detail, as Duke Nukem 3D isn't just faithful to the source material but does well to present itself with a few more perks to sweeten the deal of this already beefy little package of gaming goodness."

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