Hideo Kojima on films vs. games and his favorite directors

At E3 2017, Hideo Kojima spoke about the differences between films and games, as well as some of the directors that been the biggest influences on him.

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Master of Unlocking414d ago

Oh OK, so that hiding in a locker stuff in MGS2 was from Halloween, I see. I don't even think I've ever seen it entirely yet, maybe it's finally time to see it. But how has 2001 a space odyssey influenced his work exactly, that I don't understand. And there are probably many more movies that have influenced his work on the MG series, like that New York 1997 or w/e it's called movie with that snake pliskin character, and maybe the Rambo movies, but he strangely doesn't mention them.
Anyway, can't wait to see the first gameplay footage of death stranding. Thank you for all your efforts and passion Mr Kojima, it's often, how to put it, "wacky", but what a ride each of his games are!

TheOttomatic91414d ago

Hal (Otacons true name) was the name of the robot antagonist from 2001 but also keep in mind Kojima has done other work besides MGS.

Also his more recent games have focused more on visual flair as opposed dialogue heavy scenes something that 2001 is known for.

TheOttomatic91414d ago

Awesome article and had no idea Kojima's dad was the one who was a film buff and introduced Kojima to it.

GameCrateEd414d ago

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.