Why Buy an Xbox One X? - Aaron Greenberg Interview

Vic chats with Aaron Greenberg about the Xbox One X and what it provides over its competition. Thank you for SHARING and SUBSCRIBING!

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Bigpappy446d ago

If you don't see a Reason by now just skip it

Godmars290445d ago

Other than 4k, what other reason have they given?

LoveSpuds445d ago

Honestly, i wouldn't believe a word out of that guys mouth, for me, he embodies everything that is wrong with MS and how they conduct themselves.

SynKakarrot445d ago skip to 21:34 and watch till 41:10 or keep going up to you but I found more reasons than just 4k

tyasia0445d ago

It's certainly not games.

headblackman445d ago

4k is simply a resolution and it's not graphics. it's simply a visual enhancement for clarity. the xbox one x has a lot of power to make games graphically better than any console on the market. this will entice devs to want to use this console to showcase their games and being that it's the easiest console to develop for, they will use the xbox one x as their leading console to program for.

yeahright2445d ago

I doubt that. they'll choose the platform they feel will sell the most copies as their primary. Why make sure your X1X version is the one that runs perfectly when that'll only account for such a small percentage of the people that bought your game?

Gh05t445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

"Other than 4k, what other reason have they given?"

Just a quick question, when you load up a PC game and go to settings and then to graphics settings how many options do you have OTHER than resolution? No joke, that is a serious question.

THAT is why people want to get a One X, 4K resolution is great but lets not forget about AA, draw distance, lighting, particle effects, shadows, and amount of objects on screen at the same time.

What about the boost in performance overall with load times, and OS response times?

I remember people were comparing the PS4 vs PS4pro version of FFXV Sky and the amount of clouds.

There is a lot more than just resolution that gets increased.

Godmars290445d ago (Edited 445d ago )


Quick reply: What if I never bother looking up or correcting the resolution on my PC?

As someone who's been gaming since before the SNES it may be hard for me to comprehend the idea that there are commenters here born after such a time, but possibly even more so when the PS2 was criticized as the least powerful system of it's gen, yet it sold more than the Xbox and Gamecube combined. A couple more times over in fact.

Graphics weren't that much of a key factor back then, and no one's really given valid reason why they are now.

If the whole of the "Console War" argument isn't about the best selling or most popular system, then why this BS goes on needs to be explained to me. Cause when you roll out a console that's $100 more than it's competition, mid that console generation when it's apparently largely dependent on 3rd party, I have a hard time seeing how its going to do well on the general consumer market. Much less how such a move will increase brand popularity.

Gh05t445d ago

"What if I never bother looking up or correcting the resolution on my PC?"

Then the One X isnt for you, its not that hard. this console isnt for EVERYONE.

"Graphics weren't that much of a key factor back then"

(Preface: I do know bits refer to processor but back in the day it was used to demonstrate the ability to output colors on the screen)

Yes they were, its always been a console selling point. Nintendo had 8bit so Sega ran 16bit, then SNES came out at 16 bit. then Saturn and Playstation went 32bit. Hell the N64 is NAMED because of it, to seperate its ability for better graphics. Why all the articles of games at 900p Xbox and 1080p PS4 if it doesnt matter? Why was this used as a reason during the beginning (emphasis on beginning, since it has changed to no exclusives) of the generation for buying a PS4? Why is it now not important when Xbox X is coming out that will be more powerful, with the ability to have higher resolutions?

You can remember history however you want but when they were running ads purely based on the ability to have better graphics (SEGA) and naming consoles after the graphics capabilities (NINTENDO) and then trying to say that graphics dont mean a lot now is ridiculous.

The whole point of the One X is for people like me who bought a new generation of machine that was so weak it couldn't do 1080p with every game!!! Dont get me wrong the games looked good but it wasnt what it should have been. This console will change that for people like me.

People like you who dont care, dont ever look at the settings of a game... If you want an Xbox, that is what the "S" is for. If you dont want an Xbox, thats OKAY too.

Godmars290444d ago

Why bother quoting me if you don't bother to actually read and understand what I'm saying?

Sega always hyped having the better graphics yet continually came in second to Nintendo. The N64 may have been 64 bit - hint, it wasn't. Neither was 32 bit - but that didn't save it from the PS1 which had good games with decent graphics.

Would say horrid then as now, but then, Atari Lynx and the like were the only things to measure it against. So better to say graphics looked better than the competition's.

Then as now however, graphics remain a somewhat empty PR talking point. Horizon Zero Dawn or Last of Us may be considered great looking titles, but its their stories and game play that earns popularity. Quantum Break was also good looking, but because the story was so poor and the game play broken, its only the hardcore gamer who even thinks of it nowadays. And not fondly.

My whole point is that I don't want and Xbox. Gave the OG one a shot, had to get it for Panzer Dragoon, but after that lost interest. Especially after the COD mentality took over. And given that the brand's relevance is slipping, purposely weakened by MS focusing on the wrong things, not seeing how talking up graphics which - especially without honestly good games, has never helped sell consoles. It only makes for bloated ads.

Skull521444d ago (Edited 444d ago )

best version of console multiplatforms plus the best exclusives. I can understand if you want the latest and greatest hardware, but dollar for dollar XBOX is the best money can buy.

No joke, this system will give the PS5 a run for its money, though I'm sure the PS5 will be 8-10 teraflops, and then the next gen XBox is looking at 20-30 Teraflops. XBOX is basically an early jump on next gen, next gen won't truly start until Microsoft says it does.

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jokerisalive445d ago

If you want the most powerful console that will have the best versions of third party games as well as 4K uhd blu ray built in to the hardware as well as running all MS games at their best than it's a no brainer unless your a hater fanboy or to stupid to realize any better than it's not for you.

yeahright2445d ago

Maybe don't call others stupid when you yourself don't know the difference between "than" and "then".

2pacalypsenow445d ago

"as well as running all MS games at their best"

Sorry but that's on a Windows 10 PC not Xbox.

King_Lothric444d ago

“If you want the most powerful console"

Did Xbox fans bought the PS4 when it was the most powerful console? Nope. So, that's not a good reason.

More power does not equal better. That's a lesson that MS and its fans are going to learn for the second time.

GamePeace445d ago (Edited 445d ago )

I don't know, this video still doesn't convince me to spend 500 dollars. The games aren't. I'd rather be catious and wait until the typical hype that surrounds a new home console disappears. Not criticizing everything, because I own a Xbox One controller for Pc gaming. I like that controller, the position of the analog sticks and the robust overall build of it, but that's not enough to become a committed Xbox gamer.

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