Bethesda Estimates Size Of 'Fallout 3' DLC, Says PS3 Owners Won't Be Short-Changed

Are you unsure about which version of "Fallout 3? to buy next month?

If you're interested in getting the most out of you post-apocalyptic experience, you'll probably want either the Xbox 360 or PC versions. Bethesda Softworks is delivering downloadable content for "Fallout 3? to those versions, not to the PS3.

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Nineball21123703d ago

I'll be getting that version, obviously.

But, if I had both systems, I'd have to probably get the X360 version because of this. I realize it's going to be 100 hours of potential game play anyways... but I'd like to have the option of getting the DLC if it's available.

mboojigga3702d ago

If people want to buy it would you give it away free? They want to make money and DLC cotent sales. If it is free then great if it isn't no one should be surprised. It is optional.

mikeslemonade3702d ago

I wouldn't buy it even if it was coming for PS3. There's too many games to be playing for fall of 08 and 09.

mboojigga3702d ago

LOL why is anyone making comments like I have too many games to play this Fall. The game is coming out not the DLC. The DLC will most likely be somtime in 09.

DaTruth3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

I've got too many games to play in 09. and too many games that will carry over to 09 from 08. Not enough time left in 08 to play them all in 08.

Lygre3702d ago

Are they making games for free?

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AllseeingEye3703d ago

This type of garbage needs to stop. Bethesda is segmenting their fan base to appease the large check MS gave them. I'm still getting it on ps3 but I doubt dlc will be an issue. Look at GTA4. Who really cares about that dlc?

Mr_Bun3703d ago

It does bother me knowing that I won't have the option for the DLC. If it is because M$ paid extra for it, then Bethesda should be saying so; otherwise it seems that they are favoring one console over the other. If that is the case, they are pretty much saying that we don't need your money PS3 owners. I mean, why aren't "trophies" being released with the PS3 version? Sounds like M$ had little to do with this and it is more of a Valve mentality.

CaptainHowdy3703d ago

Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition!

krakdol3703d ago

@Mr Bun : OF COURSE MS is paying for this... (rolleyes) Why would they favor a console otherwise ? They don't care you know... But it's still a marketing blunder by MS. It didn't help much with GTA, and it won't here either. DLC simply doesn't mean that much when you have 60+ hours games.

People are fed up of the games long before they reach the DLC. MS should spend their money on games, they didn't make any AAA exclusive this year (like MGS4 or Wipeout...).

barom3703d ago

Trophies wasn't included because dev kits was released too late in development. If you look at the fall lineup, not many have trophies included. Maybe those late in november and even if Fallout 3 comes out then, it is such a big game there probably would be a lot of issues with implementing it at this stage.

Anyway Oblivion was the first game to play better on the PS3, so I have no doubts that Bethesda is willing to put money and resources into the PS3 version.

Mr_Bun3703d ago

I hope you guys are right, but if YOU had to make a multiplat game and only one was getting DLC, wouldn't you want it to be know that it was because of M$ paying for it? I know I would and unlike with Rockstar, Bethesda isn't saying anything about M$.

DiabloRising3703d ago

Barom, frankly thats BS, as both new (Mirror's Edge, Prince of Persia) and old (Uncharted, GTA4) are getting Trophies. Hopefully they implement them, but "new devkits" are NOT needed to add Trophy support. It doesn't work that way.

mboojigga3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Don't buy the game then. That will show them your hate about the exclusive DLC. Other option is to pick up a 360 up update you PC. Quit Bit*ing. This is how it works.
I love when people try and downplay options.

Diamondwolf3702d ago

The problem with this (I believe I've said it with a similar valve issue) If PS3 owners show their disdain for the company for not receiving full support, all that will show them is "Hey, we've sold 3m copies on the xbox and 500k on the PS3, looks like we make more money on the box so our next game is exclusive"

If you guys really want full support on a system, the objective should be buy the game, if more people support on the PS3 over xbox then the companies will support the platform that provides the most $$$$$$$$

in the end, it's all about the fetti, scratch, green, benjis, dinero, paper, euros, pesos, cold hard cash.....dolla dolla bill yall

Ju3702d ago

I understand that not buying that game won't help. But he didn't say a single word why it is not on the PS3. He pushed towards, "if DLC is what you want you need to buy the 360 version" argument. Well, it seams to me they don't care to make more money then.

I don't get the reason for that though. Why would MS pay? Well, maybe because they got the money thru their fees. But, still I thought MS charges a higher fee to studios on DLC as well (or maybe not?). DLC doesn't cost more on PS3 or 360. Its just content. Usually not a lot of code involved and it should be pretty the same on both platforms. A little bit testing and a different setup to host it. But that's about it. So why no PS3 version ?

Enough games out there, not sure if I will need FO3, though.

barom3702d ago

Mirror's Edge was developed first and foremost on PS3. Fallout 3 was being developed on X360. That's the difference

Prince Of Persia, when is that coming again? December? Like I said, they aren't many that support them. Let's face it, there aren't many that support Trophies. If you actually noticed it. It took Criterion months to bring out trophies and they are using PS3 as lead platform. It is time consuming and for what? So that you can a feel a little bit better for taking on time consuming tasks like taking 1000000000 steps in a game?

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PS360WII3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Well I was crazy enough to play both versions of Oblivion and I enjoyed it more on the 360 so with that in mind I'm getting Fallout on the 360. Helps that DLC will be on it though ;)

LeonSKennedy4Life3703d ago

You enjoyed it more on 360?

The PS3 version looked better, loaded faster, and had a better draw-distance. How did you enjoy the 360 version more?

PS360WII3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

There is an option to play with the colors you know right? Draw distance I can care less about and frankly they both were pretty close it didn't even matter and loading was the same thing really to little to notice/care about. I enjoyed the controls on the 360 pad more and the PS3 version froze on me. So yes the 360 version was more enjoyable for me.

kwicksandz3703d ago

Also the 360 version was patched to have the improved visuals of the ps3

Blakzhuk3702d ago

Leon, all you mentioned was graphics. What do graphics have to do with gameplay?

Tacki3702d ago

You're absolutely right!

Now let's hope people remember this when multiplatform comparison vids come out. ;)

DaTruth3702d ago

Bethesda knows that there's not many games on the 360, so out of complete boredom many people will buy. Whereas PS3 has 20 exclusives and not to mention multiplats, so it's highly unlikely PS3 owners will buy this; Heck, they might rush through it!

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Beast_Master3703d ago

If I play a game that takes 100 hrs to beat there is no way I would want DLC to make the game even longer, you would have to be an RPG freak to spend that many hours playing wow.

PS360WII3703d ago

So what if I'm an RPG freak :) I played Oblivion a lot and played the Shivering Island dlc with glee. Why limit your play time really?

mboojigga3702d ago

No different than the amount of hours put into most of the Final Fantasy games, Zelda, and Dragon Warrior. Why would it be a bad thing DLC is available for a 100+ hour game? People are still begging for a remake of FF7 on the PS3.

Beast_Master3702d ago

You make good points but for me personally I think there is just too many games coming out to spend all my time on this one. I just want to beat it and maybe if I like it beat it again in a few months. Nothing wrong with DLC just for me I will be satisfied just beating it and moving on.