PlayStation VR to get Koei Tecmo’s 5 VR Sense Titles

VR Sense is set to debut in Japan this Summer.

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GrimDragon508d ago

I feel like KOEI seems to get a kick out of rubbing it in our face that the game is strictly for Japan now. Because not even HK is getting VR support. It's just bizarre really because ok you stated your reason for not releasing the game stateside. But why no love for Asia? It's infuriating. Like really only Japan can handle tits and ass?

It's really messed up that they go around shouting about VR support and now this sense add on for VR...BUT! only for Japan. This is so BS why can't Asia get the same dam support!

zacfoldor508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

They can't do it in America because of SJWs.

CrimsonWing69508d ago

That's the thing, either we'll get the collection without DOA X or they just won't bother with bringing it here.

jlove4life508d ago

I bought hk version cant wait for this to come

SaveFerris506d ago

Will this be coming to the West?