Nintendo: Analysts Predict Bundles & Accessories

Edge writes: "Nintendo doesn't need to cut the price of Wii, but it does need to keep a value-distance between its high-flying console and its competitors.

Analysts are today considering what Nintendo pres. Satoru Iwata will announce at the company's annual investor and press open-arms tomorrow. As well as the enhanced DS, Pelham Smithers, an analyst at Pali International said Nintendo may introduce new accessories for Wii."

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FreestyleBarnacle3724d ago

Yay! More Wii accessories. They'll take up the same space as the games in my local shop soon.

BrotherNick3724d ago (Edited 3724d ago )

Lol, it's only in the wii section that they sell accessories, quit whining, vote with your wallet for how much space you want for your games. :P

FreestyleBarnacle3724d ago

I do but too many people want to get a new colour case for their add on tennis racket each week. I'm simply outnumbered.

BrotherNick3724d ago

I can see a wii fit bundle for 250 :O save 40 dollars.