Molyneux: No announcement on Fable 2 PC 'just yet'

Lionhead boss and Fable II creator Peter Molyneux has refused to confirm whether a PC version of the hotly anticipated Xbox 360 exclusive RPG will be coming out.

He told "If you recall we didn't release a PC version of Fable immediately. I don't think we even announced it immediately. There's no announcement either positive or negative on a PC version just yet."

When asked if it might be the case that a PC version will turn up later, Molyneux replied: "You see you said all the maybes and mights there, I'll leave that with you! But these are the sorts of things as you can imagine I get into an enormous amount of trouble for. I have to be very careful!"

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Fishy Fingers3699d ago

To me that sounds like a PC version will be coming sooner or later, and why shouldn't it?

Bnet3433699d ago

Yeah, most Xbox 360 games to PC but like years later. I don't want to wait that long so I just get them now.

JsonHenry3699d ago

I hope so! I would rather play it on my PC personally. But really I just want more games available to a wider market for more people to enjoy regardless of their platform of choice.

TheIneffableBob3699d ago

Actually, it's more like a couple months to a year.

MiloGarret3698d ago

Yeah, he might as well have said "Fable coming to a PC near you, sometime". Way'd go not letting you tongue slip Pete! Lol.

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dktxx23699d ago

Of course it will, MS just want to make people think its only on xbox. 6 months from now and it'll be announced, and it will be one less reason to own a 360. Kind of hard to blame them though, they do have to support windows, its what made MS rich, not xbox.

outlawlife3699d ago

i'd rather have it on xbox than pc as would a lot of people

although sometimes you get the perks of pc games with more in depth communities and mods and such but this seems like a game i'd play through once or twice and be done with

i don't have a gaming pc either, which is another reason why a lot of people would prefer it on xbox, everyone always sings the praises of pc over console but the fact is unless yo constantly sink money into your PC you won't get the performance stability

after i rebuilt my pc the last time i gave up on pc games for the most part, the minimum requirements on some games lately are just stupidly high and I can't afford to keep up with it anymore

Gorgon3699d ago

Did anyone had any doubt this would be coming to PC?

Bnet3433699d ago

Well Gears 2 isn't coming to PC due to piracy so one would think Microsoft might be on that same boat. Halo 3 is a year old and I doubt that's getting a PC version.

Charmers3699d ago

For the record Gears 2 probably won't come to the PC because it didn't sell very well. It is only CliffyB blaming piracy, if I remember correctly Gears 1 wasn't even as massively pirated as games like Crysis, yet Crysis is approaching nearly 2 million in sales ... hm why didn't Gears 1 match that then ?

It is the same story with Halo. The two halo's that have appeared on the PC both did pretty badly on the PC sales wise. I remember I bought Halo 1 and was totally unimpressed by it so I didn't buy Halo 2. It is unlikely Halo 3 will appear on the PC because it really wouldn't sell.

Now we come to Fable, I am sure lots of 360 users are looking forward to it, but PC gamers certainly aren't. It was not a game that suffered badly from piracy it was a game no PC gamer was interested in so they didn't buy it.

Piracy is just an excuse these days with developers. No your game didn't suffer because of piracy your game suffered because it wasn't a game PC gamers wanted to spend money on and play.

JsonHenry3699d ago


Why? Because even though Gears is a fun game - people on PC had other games to play instead they deemed a better buy.

Not to mention people like me who would have chose to play it on the PC first had already played it on the 360 by the time it launched on PC.

Veryangry_bot3699d ago

Does the 3rd60 actually have any game thats exclusive at all.

Exclusivity is a term thats not known by the xbots.

tehReaper3699d ago

Exclusive to Microsoft means not on PS3. They get the money, either way.

Sex is a term thats not known by the trolls.

SQWERCH3699d ago

i would love to punch this guy in the face, infact i would pay to do that

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