Shigeru Miyamoto Has No Interest In Remaking Any 'Super Mario' Games

The legendary Nintendo developer talked about why he doesn't have an interest in remaking any of the past 'Super Mario' games.

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AspiringProGenji538d ago

I'll wait for the gamecube mini then. I never played Sunshine

_-EDMIX-_538d ago

You're missing out

That's probably the best 3D Mario game in my opinion.

_-EDMIX-_538d ago

@Fritz- I mean sure, but the game play is worth it.

Its basically the last best 3D Mario Game.

Galaxy nerfed way too much of the controls.

538d ago
The 10th Rider538d ago

Yeah, it's my favorite outside of the occasional camera issues and inconsistent difficulty level.

I do think that Super Mario Galaxy 2 is the most flawless. Loaded with content, perfect camera, nice difficulty curve, etc . . . The only thing that's really wrong with it is that, since it's a sequel to Super Mario Galaxy, it doesn't feel quite as original as the other games.

Personally, I want to see a Sunshine X Galaxy. Mixing the water mechanics with the gravity mechanics would lead to some wacky gameplay.

EddieNX 538d ago

10thRider How good does Odyssey look though!!!

Sono421537d ago

Sunshine is indeed amazing! Still not sure if I like that or the galaxy series more.. I think i'm leaning twords sunshine. Other than the fact that the camera is inverted! Annoying the shit out of me, same with Luigi's Mansion.. inverted.. I guess I never noticed it when I played them a long time ago but now it's killing me especially because I can't change it. So a remaster of both of the games for switch would be greatly appreciated! Or even just GC VC and updated control options please!

Also 10th that sounds really cool! The mash up idea.. I really wish you wouldn't have said but because now I really want it! But heck Mario Odyssey looks absolutely amazing so that will do :)

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BlakHavoc538d ago

Word of advice. Never remake a super Mario game, imo that's sacred ground that's as off limits as the original Star Wars trilogy

Sono421536d ago

The original Star Wars trilogy is the most overrated thing ever.

BlakHavoc536d ago

I've always found this way of thinking odd. Don't u think if it's beloved by millions across the globe and its one of the most valuable franchises in the world, that it's more likely that you're under rating it?...

Sono421536d ago

No because of nostalgia, the acting is piss poor. Acting is everything in movies.

GameBoyColor538d ago

They are timeless games, i go back and play sunshine all the time.

_-EDMIX-_538d ago

Amen. I replayed it a few months ago.

That game is the last of the best

EddieNX 538d ago

Galaxy games were better, Sunshine is legendary though.

JackTheLiz538d ago

I hope someone knocks a little more sense into him. While I understand the original Mario games not needing the remake treatment, there are games that could be fully realized by being revisited. One of these is Super Mario RPG which would be amazing to see with modern day graphics.

NotoriousWhiz538d ago

I like the art style on Super Mario Rpg as is. Although, technically isn't all stars a remake of the NES Mario games?

paulust2002537d ago

Gutted, I've missed sunshine and both galaxy games :(

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