Job listing reveals more on LittleBigPlanet PSP rumor

PSP Fanboy writes: "Back in April we've heard rumors that the huge PS3 title out in the latter half of this month, LittleBigPlanet, would be getting its very own PSP title. Today, reader libertine pointed us to a SCEE job listing which refers to a position for "PSP game engine lead" whose job is to oversee "LittleBigPlanet projects." Whatever could this mean? Can we expect a handheld version of the dream-creation sim or can we expect to see some sort of LBP PS3-to-PSP integration?"

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poopsack3725d ago

OMGWTFBBQ! If it would let users port levels from the PS3 this would instantaneous portable win!

PPGN3725d ago

Keep in mind everyone, Sony might announce this at TGS 2008. Wouldn't that be awesome.

I say that because it could be 1 of there unannounced games they confirmed will be shown at TGS 2008. READ:

Here's another story:

Raoh3725d ago

i would love to be able to build levels on the go with the psp.. .

if this is true expect there to be a PSP shortage very soon