Call Of Duty: WWII story campaign is not for the faint-hearted

GameCentral talks to Call Of Duty: WWII director Michael Condrey about the game’s historical accuracy and emotional core.

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RedDeadLB263d ago

I hope that doesn't mean that Hitler is now a proud fat black woman.

jugo14263d ago

that was a pretty stupid comment.....didn't think I'd see one of those here.....who I am I kidding, this is the COD community I'm talking about.

winter_hill262d ago

@jugo14 Easily offended much? Geez lighten up ffs.

RedDeadLB262d ago

Haven't been part of the COD community since 2007 and this was meant as a joke, although with the current SJW bullshittery going on, I wouldn't be surprised.

Also, for reference:

Feel stupid now?

franwex263d ago

COD campaigns do have some intense moments.

KickSpinFilter263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

It's been a long while since COD put it hooks in me and dragged me a 100ft
MW3 MP ahhh, no jetpacks, no wall running, no super jumps, no time warping, no spacey weapons.
Killstreaks and free for all boots on the ground play, good ol times.
Once every few months I plug that sucka in and still get first place! Boom.