Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth drops to below $16 on PS4; Star Ocean 5 to below $15

The physical version of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth has dropped to $15.34 while Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness is also on sale for $14.84 on PS4.

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Servbot41413d ago

Cyber Sleuth is fantastic... Star Ocean 5 not so much.

Eldyraen413d ago

I enjoyed Star Ocean 5 but it didn't meet my expectations :( It released in that pre-ffxv window where 90% of PS4 games out of Japan (especially jrpgs) looked too much like 1080p PS3 ports (or Vita cross platform ones). Some still do but they're changing for the better more and more.

Just felt dated even if I enjoyed it and it helped get me back into a jrpg mood again.

Segata413d ago

If you like SMT or Persona then pick up Cyber Sleuth. Forget the Digimon name. The art design is also form Devil Survivor artist.

Servbot41413d ago

Yeah, if you haven't had your fill of demon recruiting and fusion from SMT4 and Persona 5, Cyber Sleuth should definitely be on your list to get in the future.

Razzer413d ago

Agree with Servbot41 and Segata. Cyber Sleuth is one you may look over, but it is a really good game.

awdevoftw413d ago

Just beat cyber sleuth on my vita. Loved every minute. Great game that got overlooked for sure. Looking forward to the new one coming out.

KOIMOJO413d ago

Yupp. Glad others on here agree. I hope the new one gets even more recognition. It was a perfect example of a turn based rpg in todays age. I wish more of these japanese games they have been releasi g would ditch the shallow action combat for turn based. (Looking at you Valkyria Revolution) it was even the same dev as cyber sleuth lol.

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