Bayonetta First In-Game Screenshots Revealed

Sega has released some new screenshots of Bayonetta for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the latest Famitsu magazine. This new action will be released next year in Japan.

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Fishy Fingers3700d ago

Need direct feed shots not scans before I cast any real judgement. From what I can gauge though it looks really nice.

MK_Red3700d ago

This game is from creator of original DMC and people of the RIP studio, Clover (Okami).

Also, check the second scan and the middle part of the page. Bayonetta's clothes are her hair and when she's using her hair, she's completely naked...

CloudsEnd3700d ago

Im in love with that Bulletwitch with damn damn damn damn demonic long hair.


So this is the game supposed to rival the almighty "GOD OF WAR III"??????????????? MY ASSSSS!
May be the GOW for mobile! lol
This looks like a crossover between DMC and onimusha, and always the same capcom universe and atmosphere with the same monsters and demonic locations! FFFFFF
thinking about 'Déjà vu"!

morganfell3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I am not seeing this great game they talk about. I can't get past the entire mechanic of guns on the feet. It worked for Quentin Tarantino but this is different. I would rather see booby gunned fembots as dumb as that is.

Every time some game gets bragged about like it is the second coming - and long before it is seen - it usually means the game is doomed to mediocrity. Black anyone?

Besides, this entire thing smells like the cousin of Bullet Witch.

Harry1903700d ago

out of context. He said he wishes to exceed GOW,it does not mean that he will do it. You must give him the benefit of the doubt. In fact Kamiya views GOW as the trend-setter, or big daddy of the genre. You can't blame him for trying.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am a huge GOW fan too, but dissing other games just because of an unfortunate comparison is plain stupid. There are tons of great games out there and it would be sad to miss on those simply because you are too enamoured with GOW. GOW is the cherry on the cake. Bayonetta the icing.


You are right! Let's give them a chance to gain some easy money (as if they are in need)!

meepmoopmeep3700d ago

those are 360 screens.
the PS3 version will be superior


Veryangry_bot3700d ago

And I also dont rule out any money/hand shaking in a backroom either.

Lmao half of these shiatty sites praised this game because CGI trailer was pretty. I wonder why they praise one game, but bash others (like KZ2) for being "impossible". Perhaps because one was Sony and the other was not.

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Final_Rpg3700d ago

Ewwww, mole under her lower lip...

game4fun3700d ago

I definitly don't like this game...

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