Xbox 360 World: Need for Speed: Undercover Preview

Xbox 360 World writes: "We told EA to do this years ago. Right after Need for Speed: Most Wanted screeched onto our 360s and into our hearts way back in 2005. "This is great lads, one or two flaws but the concept is spot-on. Next time'll be the charm!" And then what? Carbon, that's what. And then ProStreet. If we could include sound effects in our magazine, like those awful Cliff Richard birthday cards, the noise it'd make now would probably be something akin to a derisive "Wa Wa Waaa".

But, at last, EA appears to have learned from its mistakes. Ergo, we're finally getting the spiritual successor to Most Wanted - a high speed, high camp chance to shatter all kinds of speed limits and nuzzle up to sexy fed agent Chase Linh (Die Hard 4.0's delectable Maggie Q). Crucially though, Black Box have shelved their ill-fated dalliance with the track and taken the action back to the streets. No sign of the neon that characterised the Undergrounds though; this edition once again takes place in the photogenic pre-dawn/post-dusk 'Golden Hour'."

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