2404: Penumbra: Requiem Review

2404 writes: "Penumbra started as a mere tech demo, but has since then blossomed into an episodic series. Frictional Game's trademark physics interaction and defecate-inducing levels of horror are what made the two episodes so successful. So, it's surprising to see Frictional take a step back with Penumbra: Black Plague's expansion pack, Penumbra: Requiem. This new installment in the series focuses solely on puzzles, with the element of horror thrown onto the sidelines. Frictional has claimed Requiem to be much more experimental in nature and, for better and for worse, that's true.

Once again, you play as Phillip. Requiem starts immediately after the haunting ending of Black Plague. You're knocked out by an unknown assailant, only to wake up in some sort of dig site. It starts off traditionally enough, but as the game progresses, Requiem gets extremely surreal. Phillip's comments on the current situation range from normal to wacky, and one instance involves the voice from the intercoms speaking directly at you. The effect of all this, like Black Plague, has you questioning what is reality and what is a mind game. The only difference this time around is that these moments of psychosis don't evoke fear but instead emphasize that the world is out of joint, or that maybe you're the one who's delusional. It sets up the atmosphere of Requiem very well."

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