AMD’s Radeon Vega Frontier Edition releases today, competes with NVIDIA’s Titan XP in specific games

DSOGaming writes: "AMD’s Radeon Vega Frontier Edition will be released today and a couple of days ago, AMD showcased this brand new GPU in a very closed environment at its test lab. This new graphics card is meant for workstations and even though it runs games worse than its upcoming consumer counterpart, AMD did showcase some games running on it."

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MegamanXXX303d ago

"Our guess is that the consumer-focused RX Vega will be somewhere between NVIDIA’s GTX1080 and GTX1080Ti, and the card is expected to be released in late July!"

If it performs similar to the GTX1080TI with a lower price AMD has a winner.

john2303d ago

Doubt it will be able to match GTX1080Ti's performance. From what I've seen so far, it will be slightly faster than 1080 and slightly slower than the 1080Ti

Asuka302d ago

Probably correct on this. But for AMD to have something that competes is saying more about Vega than anything AMD has brought out over the last few years. Navi vs Volta is going to be really interesting.

NecoTehSergal302d ago

They'll compete with the Ti possibly even Titan XP.

302d ago
Death302d ago

The difference between a 1080 and 1080ti isn't that big any way. If AMD comes up with a card in between that is a pretty big leap from what they have.

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svoulis302d ago

I bought a 1080ti 2 weeks ago. I am awaiting the benchmarks of Vega for consumer to make a decision. Also price/performance obviously. I hope Vega comes out swinging a massiv...yeah I want AMD to be a threat.

ProjectVulcan302d ago (Edited 302d ago )

I think it'll do well to beat a decent factory OC GTX1080. Bearing in mind GTX1080 is well over a year old now and Nvidia have a replacement consumer generation ready in maybe 6 months, 9 tops.

History says if AMD isn't significantly better for similar money most people buy Nvidia automatically. One glance at GTX1060 compared to RX480/580 sales shows this still holds true today.

Killa78302d ago

Aren't nvidia releasing their next series any time soon?

The 1080 has been out a while.

Asuka302d ago


Rumors going around suggest that Nvidia is going to do a die-shrink of Pascal and refresh their current line-up with better OCing cards, and push Volta back 9 months or so in prep for Navi. TBH Nvidia would be OK doing this because as it stands rumors say Vega will be about current Pascal performance wise, so there really isn't any reason for Nvidia to bring out Volta if a refresh Pascal will compete just as well.

Also by pushing back Volta Nvidia can wait for HBM2 manufacturing cost to go down, as that is currently holding Vega back because the yields for HBM2 are not so good, hence why stock and release of RX Vega keeps getting pushed back. Volta won't see these issues in 9 months time.

Qwagy UK302d ago

it runs at ref-gtx1080 speeds although requires + pins

michael747302d ago

I still love my NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 SLI. :D

Cobra951302d ago

Who wouldn't? Bet you didn't love the price, though. If AMD can come up with a threat against the Nvidia dominance at a lower price, it will help all of us, even Nvidia diehards. Real competition brings prices down across the board.

michael747302d ago

Totally agreed. The newer NVidia cards are cheaper than last year's GTX 960, 970 and 980s. So, AMD striking NVidia already.

MrSec84302d ago

The Founders Edition isn't gaming focused model of Vega, pretty sure that's coming late next month, wonder what the price will be for that? AMD has to remain at least price competitive, if not be much cheaper at similar performance to 1070, 1080, 1080ti and Titan XP.

Asuka302d ago

hoping for a decent Vega card at about 1070 performance with a ~$50 price difference. Been looking at 1070s to upgrade from my OG gtx 670, but a good Vega card comes out for about $300 then i'll opt for that as i currently run a freesync monitor. Plus buying a 1070 for MSRP is next to impossible nowadays.

MrSec84302d ago

I just had a quick look at 1070's on Amazon, the Zotac mini is $399.99, if AMD gets a Vega model out that's in the 1070-1080 performance area, for $299 they'd be laughing. Hopefully they have enough stock to meet demand and retailers don't drive prices through the roor because of scarcity.

kevnb302d ago

Hopefully the mining craze dies down soon.