Xbox 360 dashboard update available this month?

Xbox 360 owners awaiting release of the 'New Xbox Experience' have been told by Microsoft to expect the update "later this year" - however in a recent interview with, Xbox Live product manager Andrew Jenkins may have let slip some additional information that indicates a release during October.

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Bleem3603697d ago

Not convinced I need a dashboard update in all honesty - willing to be convinced otherwise though!

outlawlife3697d ago

well you are getting it whether you need it or not so you might as well get acquainted :)

IaMs123697d ago

Accutally you do not have to update the Dashboard... you can keep your old look and still play like you are now, but i wouldnt gurantee that any of the new features will be useable under the old one but you can still keep the old blades and play still

Bleem3603697d ago

well as long as it doesn't brick my machine I'm happy with whatever really..

On another note, my Burnout Revenge save game is now corrupt so that's 40+ hours down the drain!

Fk'n raging..

outlawlife3696d ago (Edited 3696d ago )

actually you can't, as part of a system update you won't be able to play on live unless you update to the new dash, it is a mandatory system update

and since it is being packaged on game discs after it is launched then you most definitely will not be able to avoid it

also none of the new features will be supported by the old dash, what you have now is all you would have then

shelbygt333696d ago

You have to download it, but you don't have to use it. You can keep using the default "old" layout if you'd like.

The Makr3696d ago

and frankly I am really looking forward to it. They may have some technical kinks to work out early on, but I bet 3-4 months from now everyone will be used to it and will not want to go back at all.

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TheMART3697d ago

It has been said in an interview already

It will be on the Gears 2 gamedisc, so it'll be out on or just before 7 November.

Bleem3603697d ago

Well I guess that confirms the story then - glad to hear it!

Rhezin3697d ago


ambientFLIER3697d ago

No, it's not. I've been playing COD4 all day.

whoelse3697d ago

So which will come first, XBE or Home...

bomboclaat_gamer3697d ago

wrong place to ask that question. or do u want a little flame ware?

Bleem3603697d ago

Both on the same day would be interesting.

See who's infrastructure collapses first ;)

chaosatom3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

Sony might release during November and Chrismas time, making it more of a impact.

Microsoft might release it early, so they could market it.

n9com3697d ago

this is stupid rumour mongering with no evidence.

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The story is too old to be commented.