Totally 360 Review: Pure

Totally 360 writes: "Pure is an off road arcadey racing title that is part racing, part stunts, part mechanic and part rpg. As soon as you put the disc in for the first time you are greeted with a short demo to introduce you to the basics of the game. Once you have completed the brief tutorial you are then presented with the main menu where you can choose World Tour (career), Single event or racing online over Xbox Live against other gamers. Once you build your own ATV you are then off to the races and can compete in either a "Race", "Sprint" or in "Freestyle" mode. Participating in a race is pretty self explanatory. You are racing around a track for three laps against the A.I. "Sprint" mode puts you on a shorter track and more laps to allow for a quicker race. "Freestyle" mode is where you try to pull off as many moves as you can before your vehicle runs out of gas. It is basically a "last man standing" mode where the way you win is outlast your opponents. The way you lose in this mode is your vehicle runs out of gas so you have to keep fuel in your vehicle by successfully pulling off tricks and picking up fuel icons spread across the track. Crossing the finish line to start a new lap will also give your fuel a little boost."

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