PSX Extreme: Yakuza 2 Review

PSX Extreme writes: "The original Yakuza was one of the most overlooked action titles for the PS2, and we're going to chalk that up to timing. It came out just before the PlayStation 3 launch, so every last member of the media and much of the avid gaming world was caught up in the proceedings. However, those who did take a chance on the story-driven brawler, complete with a solid and intricate story revolving around the Japanese organized crime syndicate, came away mostly satisfied with the experience. Unfortunately, we in the U.S had to wait quite a long time to see the sequel – nearly two years – as fans in Japan are already anxiously anticipating the third entry in Sega's successful series. And once again, a Yakuza game is facing relatively steep competition with next-gen software, but for a second straight time, it turns out to be another game that should certainly have your consideration for a purchase. At half the price of a PS3 game, Yakuza 2 is an excellent and entertaining (albeit somewhat flawed) option."

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