OXM Online: Silent Hill: Homecoming Review

Very good things come to those who wait, bludgeon, and patiently endure the sixth chapter in the Silent Hill series. But right from its plodding start, Homecoming's stab in the soupy fog does itself no favors by committing a number of grievous sins. From its leaden, cheap-shots-aplenty combat to its wild-goose chase through gray, same-y hallways filled with useless, placebo doorways to a story that takes much too long to get off the ground, its entire first half feels like a death march through a clunky hot mess.

* Gotta love that super-creepy atmosphere!
* First half feels uneven and unbalanced.

* Cheap hits and respawning enemies? Argh!

* Isn't Joshua too old to be drawing like a 4-year-old? Just sayin'.

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