TeamXbox: FIFA 09: Be A Pro 10 vs 10 Online Playtest

TeamXbox writes: "The world's version of football has been a tough sell for those on U.S. soil.

The past decade or so has produced stout U.S.A. women's programs, not to mention a men's team that shows up and plays hard too; both of which have done wonders for the popularity of soccer stateside. And, despite its initial, tepid reception, having some higher-tiered players in the MLS has also granted some exposure for a sport that usually is not even in a Westerners' top three sporting events.

Better U.S. World Cup/Olympic teams and a professional league stateside aren't the only keys to soccer's popularity boom in America. There are many of us that were first exposed to soccer in EA's FIFA series, and have been a faithful follower of the sport ever since this electronic vehicle wowed us."

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