After E3 No Show, Sony Confirms Sucker Punch's New Game Still Happening

Infamous developer Sucker Punch Productions is making a new game, but we still do not know much about it. The game was nowhere to be seen at Sony's E3 2017 briefing earlier this month, leading some to wonder what's the latest on the long-in-development and unannounced title.

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freshslicepizza537d ago

"I have played many, many more times of such game"

It's not a very long game I take it or maybe it's some kind of quiz game.

MegamanXXX537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

How did you come up with that conclusion??🤔 If you go to sucker punch lead designer Twitter page he said the game was big and ambitious a while back. I follow him on Twitter. If it's a quiz game I'll be surprised and shocked. Maybe the game will be linear.

BadBoyC537d ago

I usually refrain from criticizing other users but moldy is the most persistent Sony hater I've ever seen and of course.. he's always the first or 2nd to comment on PS articles lol. In all honesty no other user on here is this dedicated to hating on a company and their products. He will literally SPIN any Sony news into something negative. Sony can give every PSN user $100 in PSN credit and he would somehow find away to turn it into something negative. The hatred for Sony runs very deep in this mans veins. It's almost like Sony got someone in this mans family killed or something.. This is sad.

HaveSumNuts537d ago

Sucker Punch games always have great graphics and gameplay. They can make a good story too only thing they lack with their open world games is the quality of the side missions, its very copy and paste throughout but otherwise great games

Why o why537d ago

'How did you come up with that conclusion??'

Err, because it's moldy on his usual sony smear campaign. Any time another exclusive gets announced you bet something will have to be downplayed. I don't even know why certain 🤖🤖 continue to frequent sony exclusive articles. . . I swear they didn't matter. . .

Relientk77537d ago

He's trolling PlayStation articles like usual

morganfell537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

The rumor is the SP title is western themed:


moldy is the person on this site more worried by what he views as the competition, in this case Sony, than any three or four other people combined. He can't stand Sony having something his console doesn't...tons of games that are only available on a Sony console. It is like a rock in his shoe and with every step he is reminded of the facts.


havesumcommonsense and try actually playing a Sony game. There has been nothing like the inFamous series. Sly Cooper is uniquely its own series.

joab777537d ago

It's not a quiz game lol! I actually thought awhile ago, it was Sucker Punch making Spiderman, but it's Insomniac, who I was hoping was making a next gen Resistance game. We will see. But no need to announce all they are working on. So much coming out. Still way behind.

MrSec84537d ago

@morganfell: That rumor was debunked around the time it came out, the artwork for a western game was actually for a VR game being made by another studio. Apparently the art is for a potentially cancelled Sony London VR game, the thread you linked tries to link the Sony trademark for Gnomageddon to the Western game, but that makes no sense.

It's of course possible that Sucker Punch's game could be western themed, but no legit source has been outed to support any real leaker has pointed to that being true.
It remains a mystery what SP are working on, outside of job listings pointing at them doing an open world game again, but given their history with Infamous there was always a 50% chance they'd do that anyway.

morganfell537d ago


Thanks for the update. Hadn't kept up with that. While I think open world is most likely I do not think we will see inFamous this time. Sony first party studios like Naughty Dog and Guerrilla are heading down the new IP path with ND having started last gen with TLOU. I am looking for SP to follow suit and would be genuinely surprised if it is inFamous.

saint_seya537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

At this point, why isn't Moldy banned for troll/spammer.. you don't need to repeat the same comment or just act like 3 years old to be considered a troll or spammer.

I think he fits both descriptions.. something is wrong with N4G when people like him, that doesn't do anything, just try to start things in every single thread.

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UCForce537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

Calling Sucker Punch New IP is some kind of quiz game ? Ok, you willl get disagree the most by that statement of your. What Yoshida said that he did played Sucker Punch new game all the time. Rumors around is their new game going to be a western game.

MegamanXXX537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

Glad they are giving the infamous series a break. One thing I love about Sony is that will let a series take a break. MS just keep shoving it down your throat till you hate the series. 343 needs to make a new IP instead of Halo 6 imo even though I'll probably still buy it just saying

rainslacker536d ago

For it's time in development, it'd have to be the most massive and awesome quiz game ever.

Where did the quiz game thing come from anyways?

UCForce537d ago

He did said this : " It is a game. They are not making movies. It is now very narrow." meaning this game is going be big.

AspiringProGenji537d ago

Only someone with such tiny brain will take it as that

Forbidden_Darkness537d ago

Wait, since when did playing a game all of a sudden mean completing a game?

bluefox755537d ago

C'mon, you're smarter than that, aren't you?

Cohagen420537d ago

You ever get tired of sounding like an imbecile?

536d ago
Goldby537d ago

and people play mass effect, GTA, even halo many many times, does that make those games small and quiz like.

can't fix stupid comments like that.

will you ever get bored from all the hate you spew moldy. must put a sour taste in your mouth

Doomeduk537d ago

Moldy was no where near yesterdays article on ps4 sales compared to ps3\xboxone sales in the same time period
He just couldn't spin it to his deluded thinking

jznrpg537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

@BadBoyC he works for Xbox propaganda department

trooper_537d ago

Why are you the very first one to comment and why is it always negative?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen537d ago


Are you claiming to be a neutral gamer too moldy?

I suspect Sony is saving this game and many more for PlayStation Experience. Can't wait to see what Sucker Punch is up to.

SirBradders537d ago

Moldy i love how you hate on Sony yet without them would we be playing right now? Halo wars 2 and the same 3 games for the last decade albeit Forza Horizon is a steller racer.

KickSpinFilter537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

How do you come up with it's a short game?
Ya know, when a CEO or other developer play someones else game in development they usually play a fraction of it or a section the developer was curious people would like or have concerns about. In most cases don't play the whole game. "Or maybe it's some kind of quiz game" You ok Moldy? Are you having a stroke, or trying a new "drug"?
I can call an ambulance.... or institution?

generic-user-name537d ago

Does MS pay you per post or are you on an hourly rate?

EverydayJoe536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

I don't even thing he gets money out of it, rumor has it he gets to bounce on Phil's knee for a few minutes in between trolling PS4 articles.

OB1Biker537d ago

What made you give up stealth trolling?
Now your just straight trolling and it's boring.

Vizigoth04537d ago

He said played not finished. I've played Uncharted 4 many times. Haven't beaten it yet though.

Quiz game....SMH. Yeah because SuckerPunch wants to burry themselves.

Bebedora537d ago

Probably with female vigilants and amazons and some poltergeist girl with superpowers, making them all being like a sheldon-supreme card.

Sunny_D537d ago

1 agree 111 disagrees

God damn, talk about being universally disliked lmao!

DigitalRaptor537d ago

Oh... nothing of substance to add to yet another PlayStation article?

No surprise there. Your trolling is on point though, as you seem to have triggered a lot of people.

UCForce536d ago

I know you won't respond because your statement get downvote a lot because it was very unwise.

freshslicepizza536d ago

Respond to what? If it's a western that would be cool. Maybe it's the translation that makes his comments seem odd.

Goldby536d ago

No just your interpretation.

Sam Fisher536d ago

We can all agree moldy is the most hated person on n4g lmao 😂

rainslacker536d ago

I don't hate him. I just think he's an idiot. I'd call him a troll, but since he isn't banned yet, I guess the mods don't see him as one, so the former must be true.

He's good for staging more factual discussion off of when he comes up with one of his illogical assertions though.

EverydayJoe536d ago

Greenspamer is my least favorite.

1Victor536d ago

Moldy work for the site to heat up Sony fans same as last gen he/she did for Microsoft

UCForce536d ago

"His" ? it was your statement.

Realms536d ago

Then you wonder why people call you a troll your the first person to comment and give no kind of interesting take but instead take a jab.

536d ago
Ceaser9857361536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

"It's not a very long game I take it or maybe it's some kind of quiz game. " Typical Xbox fangirl who would talk with zero knowledge..

LOL! SP aint making a Xbox one game bdw... SP is working on a PS4 Exclusive Open world game and according to rumors its a western setting...

" "

rainslacker536d ago

Huh? The poor translation seems to point that he's played the game many times. Not that he's completed it many times.

What you're saying is that doing a single match in COD every day for 3 months means you completed COD 90 times.

You really do try and make something negative out of everything don't you?

DarXyde536d ago

What in the actual ****, moldybread... That's some pretty wild logic. A quiz game? Surely you jest.

Length is a fair guess, but that's subjective. You technically *can* beat Sly Cooper and inFamous before too long, but those games are largely about collecting things throughout the world.

Anyway, since Yoshida has played it x amount of times, it seems to be in pretty playable condition, meaning a reveal is likely coming soon. What's more, it should release soon after it's shown. Definitely excited to see what they've been working on.

Dragonscale536d ago

Good old moldy. Keep fighting the good fight lol.

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PhoenixUp537d ago

Dang Sucker Punch what's taking so long? You were the first to reveal a PS4 game before Naughty Dog & Insomniac but you haven't shown anything new since 2014 while the other two have released PS4 games and have upcoming titles for the system.

UCForce537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

Making new IP is not easy and it can take a long time because it's the new concept. GG had developed Horizon Zero Dawn for six years ago. You know that, right ?

BadBoyC537d ago

I feel ya but at least they didn't pull a Rockstar and actually released a game this gen lol

pinkcrocodile75536d ago

So you don't want to play Red Dead Redemption 2 or the remastered GTA 5? fair enough

UCForce536d ago

@pinkcrocodile75 What an immature !

DiRtY537d ago

And Insomniac even developed a Xbox One exclusive game...

ninsigma537d ago

Crazy to think insomniac has released SSO and ratchet and clank (both awesome games) and have come a very long way with their Spiderman game since then! Must be a crazy ambitious game from these guys. Look forward to seeing it!

andrewsquall537d ago

It is quite bizarre alright. I mean they released Infamous 2 and then moved to next gen and got their next game out in 2 years and 9 months only.

Now we are sitting here 3 years and 3 months since Infamous Second Son and 2 years and 10 months since Infamous First Light and we haven't even had a screenshot of their next game (which should have been at E3 2015 and released Summer 2016 lol, given their speedy track record, also given the fact they are have better experience with PS4 development and their game engine for PS4 is already made).

They must have been working on a game like Sony Bend was and then had it shelved for now to start working on another project instead??

OB1Biker537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

They did standalone game First light though but I agree its surprising. IMO what's weird is Shu was already saying two years ago that he played it and it was spectacular.
Could be a reveal very close to release? You never know.
Also in an interview Marvel guys said again a few non announced big console games along with mobile and even VR games are in the work.
Could it be SP are on to a Marvel superhero game and Sony doesn't want to divert the attention from Spidey?

sizeofyou536d ago

Their current gen Infamous release would've re-used assets from last gen Infamous nevertheless. If it's a new IP there's every chance that it's requiring a larger proportion of new assets (movement/ physics/ interaction/ intelligence). TBH, I don't find it odd...

rainslacker536d ago (Edited 536d ago )

It's only been about 3 years since their last game released. Even if they did pre-production of the new game during the end of I:SS, followed by First Light which came out later, they'd be three years into development, which isn't really that long for a new AAA IP.

Insomniac is a large studio. They have 3-4 teams, and two different development houses. They make several games concurrently. ND itself is 2 teams, so they can work on two games concurrently.

Sucker Punch is a single team dev, although I believe they do have a floating group of people to do smaller projects in addition to whatever game they're working on.

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BadBoyC537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

It's a shame we didn't see this at E3. I was highly anticipating the announcement of this game especially being that it's a new IP. I enjoy seeing studios take risks and break outta their comfort zone. Hopefully we get a trailer at PSX this year.

gangsta_red537d ago

We should definitely wait for PSX.

DigitalRaptor537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

@ BadBoyC

I'll actually provide you a meaningful response: If something as big as The Last of Us Part II was announced at PlayStation Experience, I think it's reasonable to anticipate Sucker Punch's new open-world IP to be announced there too. It's seriously been long enough since the last inFamous game wrapped up for them to be ready to show some gameplay, what's it been now... 3 years?

rainslacker536d ago

I think I was hoping to see this game more than anything at E3. We've known about it forever, but have no details. I think PSX will be where they show it. Hopefully it has a release date in the near future.

corroios537d ago

Sony hide games from E3, because they didnt need to go all out after the Microsoft conference... Sucker punch game is just another Project that they can show this year in another event and hype the game and sales.

Sony is so far away from the competition...