Most Anticipated Wii Games of October

Nintendeals writes:

"October is turning into quite a busy month for Nintendo Wii gamers as over sixty games are set to release...

Which ones are worth a closer look, and which ones make good beer coasters?"

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ChickeyCantor3698d ago

Boy some fantasies are beyond the limits!

hazeblaze3698d ago

Lol, didn't even realize the Wii had ANY games coming out this holiday season! Although they're totally dominating the market in hardware sales, they are being SO overshadowed when it comes to software.

Smacktard3698d ago

Where, exactly? The PS3 still only has few good exclusives, and the 360 still has none.

Voiceofreason3698d ago

Wii comes in first in software sales every single month..plenty of legit sources to get that info from. That would be better than running around here looking stupid because you are assuming something that isnt true.

bomboclaat_gamer3698d ago

soon ull see wii live. a game like the sims with miis lol. just guessing out loud. nintendo r big sellouts. im done with them

ChickeyCantor3698d ago

Then...why did you bothered clicking this article?
Please do answer...

chanmasta3698d ago

... so true Sidar.

Will he answer or will he accept defeat... find out next week on Miami Vice!

BrotherNick3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Hehe, I'm happy about the games, it's De Blob and Spray for October playing, Call of Duty: World at War and Skate It for November, Tales of Symphonia and Deadly Creatures for December. I'm hoping Disaster: Day of Crisis finally gets a North America date.

chanmasta3698d ago

... totally, I just bought de Blob for £18 on, 18 GOD DAMN POUNDS!!! I know it's cheap, so buy it!! And I will also be playing Wario Land: The Shake Dimension this month.

And because i'm in UK I'm gonna buy Disaster: Day of Crisis on the 24th!

nieto23698d ago

I really feel bad for all those people that don't have a PS3 or X360...