The Decline and Revival of Japanese Video Games

A brief summary of how Japanese games went in decline and possible reasons why. Also a look at how they've managed to come back in recent years stronger than ever.

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headpress454d ago

Once in top now barely something interesting

PhoenixUp454d ago

Western publishers and developers began to dramatically rise in prominence on the PS1, not the Xbox.

Gregoar12454d ago

That is true, but there certainly was a big big increase on Xbox that saw western games become much more popular than Japanese games.

PhoenixUp454d ago

Western publishers & developers were more prominent on PS2 than on Xbox during the 6th gen.

It was really during the 7th gen when HD development caused western publishers and developers to, for lack of a better term, "overtake" their eastern counterparts.

Gregoar12454d ago

Actually, many believe the decline in Japanese titles happened with the shift from arcade hardware to more powerful consoles like Xbox, that used PC technology. Western developers were more used to PC hardware and chose to develope games for Xbox.

PhoenixUp454d ago

Yet you still saw more western support on PS2 than on Xbox.

The decline happened during the 7th gen when many eastern publishers and developers opted to migrate to handheld while western devs pushed on more effectively with HD development. You definitely saw more eastern developers struggle with the migration to HD than you did with western developers.

Gregoar12454d ago

PhoenixUP, I guess we could say that both our points are valid and that's what happened overall,lol.

PhoenixUp454d ago

Lmao indeed it's great to see Japanese developers rising to prominence again in the console market

AspiringProGenji454d ago

When shooters became maintream and everyone's focus was when Japanese games began to fall. Now after all the futuristic shooters BS and people started to get tired of yearly shooters is when Jap games started to gain more attention again. In fact, Japanese devs were still making good games, but they were very overshadowed by shooters.

Shooters will remain mainstream but at least japanese developers are getting the attention they deserve.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory454d ago (Edited 454d ago )

I am sorry but of those games listed in the first paragraph The Last Guardian didn't do anything for the PS4 yet alone Japanese Home Console gaming.

Gregoar12454d ago

I reckon The Last Guardian is probably worth mentioning only because it's one of the Japanese games that was massively hyped through out the whole PS3 era but eventually never came out on that generation. It's not as big as those other games in the list, but it certainly got a lot of attention when eventually released.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory454d ago (Edited 454d ago )

yes but after release it didn't, The other games listed continue to be talked about and mention as the best games recently.
I haven't seen anyone mention The Last Guardian since Jan.

Darkfist_Flames454d ago

"I haven't seen anyone mention The Last Guardian since Jan." just because you nintendo fanboy havent seen doesn't mean people dont talk about it, i see alot of people talking about it even more thanks to SOTC remake.

AspiringProGenji454d ago

I really don't get this people... "I'm not talking about a game, no one else is either."

AspiringProGenji454d ago

What was TLG supposed to do for the PS4? It was a great game. It sold over a million. It got some coverage. Not sure how much units it moved, but it is a good addition to the library of exclusives.

It is also very unique and speaks for Japanese's style of game design

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

I am not knocking the game quality. I don't know what make you guys think I am when I never said anything about it.
I am just talking about no one is really talking about at all. Yall think just because I am a Nintendo fans my statement are wrong. Just goes to show yall just don't want to have a conversation but just want to shot someone down when they don't share the same opinion.

Darkfist_Flames454d ago

"nintendo fanboy", he's the same guy who excited for mario+rabbits when he said the he doesnt play western rpg xD, put a mario skin then he will love it.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory453d ago

Western RPG not Strategy RPG.
I am talking games like Skyrim and The Witcher III which I played and got bored of.

And I have you know that I clearly said after seeing gameplay of it I was more impressed which what it was trying to be and it's something I would like and I also stated it's a great game to have to hold me til Fire Emblem next for Switch.

Darkfist_Flames453d ago

"after seeing gameplay of it I was more impressed" LOL, then how about you play xcom 2 instead, made by the same dev, plays the same with extra features, has more playable characters, better story, more different weapons, more different enemy types, and there already dlc(more stuff).

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MattDavisIP454d ago

What goes up must come down o.O