Mike Laidlaw on How Dragon Age is Made and the Probability of Jade Empire 2

On this week's episode of The 1099 Podcast, the creative director of Dragon Age, Mike Laidlaw, joins host Josiah Renaudin to discuss how the team at BioWare creates such massive open worlds. Mike explains the different roles he's played at BioWare, the struggles of even starting a five-year AAA project, what a linear Dragon Age (similar to Uncharted) would look like, how he deals with Dragon Age reviews, and the possibility of a Jade Empire 2.

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Bigpappy270d ago

Jade Empire would make me very happy if it retains it's identity

Summons75270d ago

Yes, but with how Bioware is wouldn't. They couldn't even keep Mass Effect or Dragon Age consistent for more than 1 game.

SirBradders270d ago

I thought inquisition was a step back in the right direction.

bluefox755270d ago

I thought Inquisition was the worst game in the series. Don't have a lot of hope for the next one.

Cupofjoe270d ago

Mass effect andromeda again was a amazing game hate people like yourself there destroyed it without ever even playing 10 minutes of it damn shame...andromeda had it all next Gen world's beautiful graphics awesome ship and crew but cuz of few janky allnimations there'll be nomore cuz whiny intitled baby's like u so no I hope bioware makes nothing else for the spoiled masses to bitch a bought

bluefox755270d ago

@Cupofjoe I played it for hours. I don't think it's terrible, but compared to the previous work of the developer, it's a big step backwards. Certainly wouldn't call it amazing. The characters are boring and forgettable, unlike the previous games in the series.

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AZRoboto270d ago

Even if doesn't - it's been 12 years. It would be more than a teenager by the time a sequel could come out. I'd just be happy to see Bioware do something single player outside of Space or Dragons again.

joab777270d ago

The new game Absolver looks so damn good, and makes me want a Jade Empire 2 very badly!

343_Guilty_Spark270d ago

Microsoft needs to lock up at the very least timed exclusivity for Jade Empire 2 if its something Bioware is interested in.

Dark_Knightmare2270d ago

Yeah because let's screw gamers out of getting to play it so fanboys can brag about it being a timed exclusive then not buy it like they did with rotr

343_Guilty_Spark269d ago

Sony has its share of exclusives don't see you complaining about those

Dark_Knightmare2269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

Yeah first f**king party were talking third party here let's try to keep up

343_Guilty_Spark269d ago

They have 3rd party exclusives too. Keep up

phoenixwing270d ago

Jade empire 2 would be awesome news. I don't have much faith in it happening though.

TheOttomatic91270d ago

My worry if it's made by current Bioware it could be an MMO like TOR

Fearmonkey270d ago

I would love a new KOTOR and a new Jade Empire, but the last two Bioware games have left me unimpressed due to how great the games were that came before. Bioware is off my must buy list, currently on the wait for a discount list.

RememberThe357269d ago

I could see both happening, EA has Star Wars and the return of KOTOR would be huge news. The only hurdle I could see is that Disney would probably want it to fit with their timeline. A JE sequel sees necessary, and since I played it I've had the thought, but I also wanted an Okami sequel, so there's that.

As for the state of Bioware, I tend to agree with you. But I recently picked up DA:I and I'm loving it. Makes me want to pick up ME:A when it's discounted.

Fearmonkey268d ago

DA: I is much better than ME:A, but DA: I cannot compare to DA:O and I even like DA:2 better than DA:I.
ME:A is just a massive disappointment.

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