TVG: FIFA 09 Review

TVG writes: "With over 250 improvements FIFA is odds-on to win the big match this season...

Newcastle United are in turmoil, multi-billionaires from the Middle East have ensured the red side of Manchester isn't the only one that will be celebrating, Arsene Wenger's boys are looking pretty special... yes, the footie season has begun and that can only mean one thing - the grudge match between FIFA and PES is ready to kick off.

For a number of years it's fair to say FIFA has gradually been improving whilst PES has let its guard down a little, criticised for laggy online play and failing to really push the boundaries on its admittedly stunning portrayal of the beautiful game. This year EA has shouted from the rooftops about the numerous improvements made with FIFA 09. PES genuinely could have found its match they say, and we're inclined to believe them this time."

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