PALGN: Gears of War 2 Preview

PALGN writes: "Epic's Gears of War was one of the major success stories not only for the Xbox 360 but for the HD generation in general. Upon the time of its release, it was easily the best looking console game on many levels and only a few games have managed to come close since. Epic combined these blockbuster visuals with intense gameplay and a brutal multiplayer experience that is still among the most played on Xbox Live. Two years later, and after a surprisingly good Unreal Tournament 3 port, Epic return to the Xbox 360 with the inevitable follow-up to their runaway hit. Recently, we had a chance to play through the entire first act.

Even though some corners have been clamouring for a prequel, Gears of War 2 picks up right after the end of the original. The forces of Earth have combined to fight against the extinction of the human race at hands of an alien enemy known as the Locust. Team Delta, comprising of Marcus Fenix and his partner Dom Santiago, have just finished off a Locust General and helped with the mass bombing of their troops and are now preparing to defend against what seems a desperate assault. For the most part, the original (and probably the sequel) followed a rather standard meat-head plot. However, the sequel has us fascinated by a story that's playing on just which side has the upper hand, not to mention undertones of Robotech (for those that are old enough). "

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