Hidden Gems: Vanquish

Vanquish is a third person shooter by famous game designer Shinji Mikami, released in 2010. The game was a moderate succes selling over 900.000 copies, and was well received by critics. However, due to the fact that it was a new franchise and released in one of the busiest periods of the year, it was kind of overlooked. Recently it has been released for PC as well.

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PhoenixUp455d ago

I played this game when it was offered on PS+

Nyxus455d ago

Did you play it on hard? That makes the game really shine!

jjj0309454d ago

Still waiting for the sequel. Still waitin'.. Gotta love that cliffhanger ending.

Einhander1971453d ago

Fantastic game still got my PS3 and Vanquish in the collection.