Alan Wake reveal story is "100% true," expect more on Friday

A Finnish source has told VG247 this morning that a Pelaaja story claiming a new Alan Wake trailer is to be shown at the Finnish premiere of the Max Payne movie is "100 percent true".

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Rute3674d ago

Why is it so hard to believe that a finnish gaming magazine knows something about a finnish game project that foreign mags don't? Funny...

Fishy Fingers3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

I completely agree. I'm more likely to believe a Finnish website/mag located near the developers than VG247 with an un-named "Finnish source".

I wouldnt be surprised if their "Finnish source" is just the website that posted the orginal story.

Downtown boogey3674d ago

It's because we Finns are weird and funny.
At least I'm funny... To certain extent... What the hell, who am I kidding here?

dachiefsman3674d ago

fishy you nailed it. I hate that website for the same reasons you posted.

Citizen Cook3674d ago

Droid run and cry!


DarkRayneRules3674d ago

I hope this game is good. :) And since when is there a Max Payne movie? Hmmm I'll have to check it out whenever it comes out on dvd. I'm so out of touch.

Fishy Fingers3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

There's been news banging around about it for some time, Mark Walberg is playing the lead (Max). Hit google or Apple for the trailer, it actually looks surprisingly good for a "game" movie.

Edit: Here you are, both trailers enjoy.

ape0073674d ago

where's this game?

I trust remedy

max payn 2 was fantastic

gijose3674d ago

looking forward to checking it out! should be hot

lelo3674d ago

Damm... i hope it's true and the game comes out in the next few months. I really liked Max Payne 1 and 2 from these guys.

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