Rumor: Wii HD "Set for 2011"

Citing "multiple sources in the game industry" veteran games journalist John Davison has filed a report on a new Wii, set to launch in 2011.

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Product3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

Lets talk about 2009 instead....shall we please? 2 years is pretty far away right now.

Final_Rpg3725d ago

Yes, but this could effect people's choices today.

deeznuts3725d ago

Then 3 years must be really a long ways off ... ;)

sumfood4u3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

ohh yeah!

lowcarb3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

I could careless what Nintendo does next gen and already know there console will be a different looking wii with HD output and slightly better visuals. 2011 is to far away and not worth thinking about yet.

Ngai3725d ago

By 2011 HD is obsolete and we're possibly looking against a new standard lol. Nintendo has to stop bringing out products from 1985.. HD is now not 2011. Atleast we've got Microsoft *cough* and Sony bringing out some modern products. You can notice i'm not a big Nintendo fan. Just felt like i've wasted too much money on their products.

jtucker783725d ago

HD is obsolete in 2011?

I suppose even thought the majority of people still haven't upgraded their TVs to a "Full" HD set these last few years means that people are obviously going to skip "HD" and go straight for a Super High Vision set in only 3 years time. Makes sense.

Also considering that most console games don't run in native 1080p and are 640p, 720p or upscaled.

Wow. You really are intelligent.

Is this post coming across loud enough on the sarcasmometer?

3725d ago
Voiceofreason3725d ago

HAHA LMAO... Yeah kid Bluetooth was out in 85. Wifi was also out in 85.. It's sad that you are not only clueless but have no interest in getting any kind of clue.. Yeah a processor thats 4 times as powerful as the Ps2 was out in 85 15 years before the PS2 came out...BTW HD isnt going anywhere, it took them almost 30 years after inventing it to just get it cheap enough for the average consumer. They wont replace that in 3 years. Also its obvious that you have never supported Nintendo in any way. Stop using that excuse to try to justify the BS you are spouting.

k2803725d ago

dout hd wont be here by 2011 i still know alot of people who dont even have hd tv. anyone think it will be 720p or 1080p?

Ngai3725d ago (Edited 3725d ago )

You miss the whole point in my comment. What i'm saying is: Nintendo is recycling old technology and brings nothing new. The technology we have today is further ahead compared to what regular consumers buy. Nintendo focus is on them, the casual gamer and the regular consumer. So yes. HD isn't of necessary because indeed the regulars are still at this moment on SD. So considering their model, 2011 is the right thing to do. Early adopters though, and most hardcore gamers, are ahead of time compared to those regulars. Thus getting into the X and PS zone. Both HD devices. Ofcourse i know there wont be a new standard by 2011, it's around the corner. Be a little more open-minded, i'm very much aware that what i wrote is pretty much bs, especially about the hd standard, but it's about the message inside of the bs i wrote.

ChickeyCantor3725d ago

" What i'm saying is: Nintendo is recycling old technology and brings nothing new."

This generation they pretty much made the motion concept a standard for gaming along side the gamepad.

yes yes motion gaming was way before the Wii, but Nintendo actually took it to the foreground which no company ever dare to do because the concept wasn't solid enough to the masses.

They took a shot and succeeded, and look at what MS is trying now.

Actually makes me laugh how you people say "recycled hardware".
Making your hardware smaller and more efficient is also a plus.
You think every component in the 360 or PS3 is "NEW"? You think the architecture isn't based on "old"gen? Just like the Wii is doing that...because the Ps3 has its own specific CPU and RAM, motherboard etc etc doesn't mean its doing something new the way you think its doing. Everything works according Recycled "ideas" else you wouldn't be having a PS3/360 in the first place.

razorbladelight3725d ago

like rumble features to a game system... the rumble pak? no, no new system uses rumble features. motion controls??? what the hell are those, i've never heard of six axis either.

you have a point Ngai- recycled through and through... oh look i broke my sarcast-o-meter

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jtucker783725d ago

Woohoo! Bring it on! Can't they fast-track the new system to 2010?

Just have an HD Zelda ready for 2011 Nintendo and I'll be happy!

hotrider123725d ago


gunnerforlife3725d ago

looooooooooooooool dat was dirty but still nice one bubbles up:P

chanmasta3725d ago

... what happened to your smiley sajj316.

When's the funeral?

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