Why Virtual Console Might be Announced in August

It has been almost four months since the Nintendo Switch’s victorious launch and Virtual Console is nowhere to be found. This has left many disappointed and even confused, considering it was a major selling point on both the Wii and Wii U. But today, I am going to address what I think is a pattern.

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Einhander1971266d ago

Let's hope it brings different systems. Also would love to see Sega bring some of there arcade racers down to the service as well.

godashram266d ago

Agreed.... and a better search ability.

Let's be honest, it "should" be capable of handling just about everything released up to the Gamecube with ease.

I'd love to see more Sega and TG-16/PC-E titles. Don't have to worry about the Neo-Geo titles at all, since we have had a steady stream. I'd love for sega to maybe emulate the Saturn on the Switch. Along with Arcade games that never got a home console release.