Sony Plans To Turn Closed LBP Beta Into Open Demo

Everyone is going absolutely nuts over the LittleBigPlanet beta, as multiple gaming sites all over the Internet are giving away thousands of access codes. But you may not have to get lucky if you wish to play the game before its October 21 release date...

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Genesis53699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Well they certainly got the intrest and the hype. I know I have tried several times to get in.

Perjoss3699d ago

Its about time they stopped faffing around and do the right thing, its obvious millions of gamers are dying to get a taste of this. Plus when a game does not get a pre release demo it always seems like the devs/pubs are trying to hide something, obviously demos are not applicable to ALL game types.

AAACE53699d ago

Now everyone can enjoy it!

masterg3699d ago

I would say: Don't do it.
From a sales point that is.

Right now they have a major buzz/hype going on.
People are dying to get in. Let them pay and let this game have to sales numbers it deserves. Not all how get in the beta will turn around and buy the game.

CrazzyMan3699d ago

Now anyone will be able to try this NEXTGEN experience. =)
10 mln. LBP LTD sales are confirmed!

light3699d ago

In other word, the game will not live upto hype.

psiom3699d ago

I think that's a pretty bad attitude masterg.

People being able to try a game and realize it isn't for them is a good thing. This game has enough interest for strong sales without MM deliberately roping in people on the fence who'll later trade it in.

masterg3699d ago


Think of it this way.
This Oct/Nov is the best time to be a PS3 owner.

LBP beta is not a demo. You can play hundreds of levels in there and spend weeks creating levels yourself.

If everyone can do this, what do you think happens when the game comes out right when all the other monster hits arrive. People will say, "I'll get to LBP later, I have already played it so many hours." And before you know it the buzz is gone. And a GOTY contender does not deserve that.

Sure... If I wasn't in the beta myself I might think differently ;)

DaChinPin3698d ago

MM can always make the demo timed so that it expires within a week or even 3 days or even one day if they want.

tatical3698d ago

I wasn't interested in LittleBigPlanet until I played the beta.

It's an awesome game, I recommend it over MGS4.

MrReality3698d ago

if so all my efforts for getting in and getting a middle finger to the face will be for nothing and ill give everyone on n4g bubbles!!!

Winter47th3698d ago

They did a pretty good job hyping the game with those limited codes, but it should not be anything more than a first hands on for a few, preferring the minority over the majority isn't exactly successful marketing, since you need to reach as much of those potential consumers as you can, everybody should be able to try it sooner or later.

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Equinoxe_73699d ago

It sounds like a rumor, can we trust this?

O.k it is just plans.

Everyone with a Playstation 3 deserve this demo.

smart_head3699d ago

I stopped trying to get a beta key after Gamespot gave them away because firstly I don't have the time (I'm usually quite occupied with work) and secondly I'm gonna get the retail version anyways, I'm not far off from that. Only gripe is that people keep rubbing it in my face whenever I go online :)

RedSoakedSponge3699d ago

Sounds like a plan stan!! Iv tried so hard to get in its been annoying me lol. youd think it would have always been a plan since it would test the servers alot more than 50,000, which im sure is alot lower number than will be playing constantly from release lol.

Equinoxe_73699d ago

Your totally right, they have to stress test the servers more, and I think it will build up more hype, if people could get at taste of it before buying.

Fishy Fingers3699d ago

Makes sense, saves LBP from destroying the internet.

But why stop there... open up Killzone 2 please :)

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