Xbox announcements planned for Gamescom, "not E3 level"

Greenberg: "I always go to Gamescom. I care a lot about our fans and our partners in Europe so that's a big show for us. So we'll definitely be there. We are planning on making more announcements at Gamescom," Greenberg teased, adding that he "can't share too much..."

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-Foxtrot458d ago

Well...I mean...being honest it's not like "E3 Level" was pretty high

naruga458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

hahaha .....i was going to say the exact same thing ...if they are going to be below 'E3 level', then what the f would show?....Candy Crsuh and angry birds for XoneX?

thekhurg458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

E3 was 36 or something indie games. Sounds like gamescom will be less then that.

threefootwang458d ago

Sony defence force, as usual, spewing trash in Xbox only articles.

Tell me, if you guys clearly aren't threatened by Xbox, why are you constantly in every Xbox article trolling?

S2Killinit458d ago

Their E3 didnt really show anything impressive except multiplatform games coming to other consoles. So does this mean gamescom will be even less?

andrewsquall458d ago

@naruga I think another showing of Crackdown 3 would be just as bad as Crandy Crush lol.

@threefootwang And yet then there is your type with that only excuse. Care to defend any of these claims??? What's next? "Herp, you all have games to play but are obviously not playing games because yous are on the internet talking about games instead, derp"?

Mr Pumblechook458d ago

Tempering expectations or preparing their loyal consumers for disappointment?

Bennibop458d ago

@wang It works that way for all Sony articles constantly with the likes of moldybread so why should a xbox article work any different!

beans458d ago

" I think another showing of Crackdown 3 would be just as bad as Crandy Crush lol. "

Not the best showing but Crackdown 3 is still my most anticipated game.

fenome458d ago (Edited 458d ago )


Let's be real here, we're criticizing the company not you guys. You'd think after this long they would have actually listened to the main criticisms that people have been saying for years. They obviously hear the complaints seeing as how at E3 they were repeating the word "Exclusive" over and over trying to convince everybody they had a bunch, but it wasn't real.

I have nothing against how anybody plays their games, we're all gamers. Nobody should bash on people for how they choose to have fun. I just don't like how the company tries to convince people of things that aren't true and string them along. Actions speak louder than words.

Don't you guys want more games? Nobody seems to hold them to any standards, they've gotten billions of dollars to invest in videogames and they've squandered it all in investments that benefit the company instead of the fans.

C'mon, they spent billions on Minecraft and that pretty much left them high and dry on resources for other games. Is Minecraft really enough for their fans this late in the gen? They're just using their fans as an investment opportunity towards business decisions without properly catering toward their needs along the way.

That's just my personal take on the matter anyways. There's absolutely no reason they can't be giving Sony a run for their money right now other than their own decisions. They keep tripping over their own feet. They get away with it though, and people just keep throwing money at them anyways so they probably just don't care. Why should they?

JackBNimble458d ago

What are you doing other then not playing games yourself?

morganfell457d ago

"Sony defence force, as usual, spewing trash in Xbox only articles. "

Yeah that never happens in Sony articles, oh wait here's moldy, septic, etc etc

Pot meet kettle.

Death457d ago

If Minecraft was for "their fans", then why would Microsoft releases on Playstation, Switch, iOS, etc? Minecraft is it's own product independent from Xbox.

mcstorm457d ago

I I'm loving the fan boy comments. People seem to forget Sony were shouting from the rooftop how good psvr was and how everyone should go out and spend £500+ on the device and extras to give us this mind blowing gaming experience eveyone will support. Now 12 months later how many exclusive psvr games do we have and were shown off at E3. Ooo and let's not forget the world most powerful handheld psv that's getting nothing but no games for it.

People talk on this site like it's only Microsoft who fk people over its not true Sony have done it plenty of times to.

Get over your selfs people go and buy the games and consoles you want and let others do the same. The ps4, Xbox one and switch are all great consoles all have must own games on them so go and get the ones you want and be happy. Stop with the my dad is bigger than your dad crap.

fenome457d ago


That's exactly my point. It wasn't for their fans, it was a business move. In 2013 Phil said they had over a billion dollars to spend on games for Xbox One and they used it all up for Minecraft, they don't give a shit about their fans, they just want their money.

This can be said about any of these companies really, they all want your money, but at least Sony and Nintendo try to earn it by giving their fans incentives (games). Microsoft don't even seem to be trying, or rather trying too hard in all the wrong places.

Every one of these companies have their flaws, but when they screw up or try to screw us we call them on it. Just look at how different Playstation is now to where it was at the beginning of the PS3 generation with the "get a second job" bullshit.

I want Microsoft to do better because it forces Sony to do better. This competition between the companies is what makes things better for us consumers.

Sony's E3 wasn't as great as it should have been, in my opinion, but that's because they don't have a strong competitor breathing down their neck right this second. They don't feel they have to try as hard, because honestly they don't. This, to me, is also unacceptable, I love it when the competition is fierce and these companies are fighting for their fans.


In "glorious true (but not native) 4k"

dcbronco457d ago

Yeah, I'd have to say given Microsoft's and Sony's shows I'm not sure what E3 level means. If he means mediocre then Gamescom will be exactly like E3 this year.

JasonKCK457d ago

morganfell you named two.

Now, lets compare...

SirBradders457d ago

@threefootwang Sony defence force are in the xbox articles because MS are comical with there approach to gaming.

pinkcrocodile75457d ago

@nagura and @andrewsquall

Boys, the Sony presser didn't go down that well this year. That is why you're bashing xbox. That and you're probably prepubescent.

Let's see what happen eh?, you never know what's around the corner.

457d ago
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XanderZane458d ago

Wasn't pretty high for Sony either. Hopefully both will actually show something new and what gamers want. Both companies obviously held some things back for the other shows (Gamescom, TGS & PS/XBox Experience). So we'll see what happens in August.

Don't think we'll see there BIG exclusives until next year. They still need more studios.

-Foxtrot458d ago

No one said it was was just higher then Microsoft

However unlike Microsoft Sony has PSX, their own conference which gives them a better reason if they held anything back. I mean last years Last of Us 2 announcement...MIND BLOWN

LexHazard79458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

@ Fox,

Ooooh Sony has PSX......

meka2611458d ago

Subjective on that one foxtrot, thought you weren't a sony fanboy?

-Foxtrot458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

How is saying one conference was better makes you a fanboy

Good grief....this place man. People want you to pick and side and if you don't you are forced into one based on what your saying about the current state and going ons of the industry

They were both bad...just Sony had the edge for me, especially watching the pre show and seeing GT Sport and Ni No Kuni 2 in action along with the Undertale collectors edition

andrewsquall458d ago

@-Foxtrot Don't forget the Uncharted The Lost Legacy expansion, in the same show too. ^_^ If PS4 consoles sold over Christmas over another console, I think we know why after that tremendous show.

Sharky231457d ago

sony showed all there surprises last year. This E3 they showed everything we're gonna play at the end of this year beginning of next. I feel like PSX is gonna have a few big announcements. They also have Paris games week, and Japan's conference! They have to have some kind of surprises at all of these.

Death457d ago


The fact you think Sony's is better than anyones makes you a fanboy. The only ones that even feel Sony's conference was relevant is Playstation fans. The same is true for Xbox and Switch. Each conference targets a specific fan base. Xbox fans think they win every year as well.

As for the Last of Us 2 announcement "blowing your mind" at last years PSX, game development is in the early stages and on hold while Naughty Dog works on the Uncharted DLC that has become a stand alone game. This is a game we all knew was coming and the announcement was very premature. Announcing a game in 2016 for a 2019 release seems kind of pointless. I'm glad you are excited, I'm just not sure why you are this excited this early over a game you should have known was coming anyway.

BadElf457d ago

Only showing that was worse than Sony was EA...and maybe Bethesda. Sony was poor

dcbronco457d ago

I love how Sony fans keep holding onto to additional conferences to make up for that mediocrity that was E3. Additional conferences are Sony's secret sauce.

Prince_TFK457d ago

Stop lying to yourself and to everyone Foxtrox. You are the biggest ps4 fanboy here and everyone know it.

On topic, can't wait for Gamecom.

Ceaser9857361457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

"XBox Experience" LOL! What?? When did that happen... :D


Last of us 2 is NOT ON HOLD, a small team lead by Niel is very much working on the game and the full team from Lost legacy will join LOU2 once the said game is shipped...

"This is a game we all knew was coming and the announcement was very premature. Announcing a game in 2016 for a 2019 release seems kind of pointless"
Absolutely NOT... For you may be, with the reaction the game got everyone except you are very excited... See its working for Sony and that's why PS4 sells...You need to understand Sony has tone of exclusives and they can show it anytime becoz its Not like getting CANCELLED ;) is it?? :D

Markusb33457d ago

@Wang I guess the floods of xb comments for almost a year saying fake 4k was fair game ? At least the Sony fans don't defend the execs on the same level as Phil. That man could say xb live is going to double in price and it's good for gamers and everyone would blindly agree. You are allowed to disagree with the company you support you know. It doesn't make you a hater, just be real.

Why o why457d ago

Comes down to who believes who the most

Xbox fans on n4g accuse sony of announcing titles too early yet the facts contradicted that and the turnaround is actaully in sonys favour in relation to xbox. Despite that sony just release more games and have a better more efficient ethos.

Ms may have more announcements to make at gamescon...good luck but its a bit disingenuous to heckle the doubters after ms's track record which stretches back into last gen. . Bit of banter maybe but c'mon now, sony and ms are not on equal footing when it comes to 'the future' and their promises.

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Vandamme21458d ago

Let me guest...Halo 6 and Halo 5 ODLC.

DARK_WOLF458d ago

That would be frickn awesome.

Benoski457d ago

Halo 6 has already been confirmed to NOT be at Gamescom or PAX.

If anything, if there's Halo news to come, it'll be the form of DLC for Halo 5.

yeahright2458d ago

I actually quite enjoyed Xbox's conference. apart from their shady "console launch exclusive" wording, I thought it was good. I liked the love shown to indies. And they seemed to be pushing to bring some PC games to xbox, not just put xbox games on PC.

-Foxtrot458d ago

And the way you worded your comment in a nice manner, I respect your opinion

DARK_WOLF458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

Why is it shady? They are a form of exclusive. Albeit timed or forever.

Sony do it waaaay more yet ppl only criticise xbox??? I dont get it.

Sony have a massive sticker that says exclusive on codww2 yet its multiplat.

And they do it all the time!

butchertroll457d ago

And E3 level was.....low. So, it can go lower than that. Odd

457d ago
JasonKCK457d ago

So it will be more like Sony's E3 conference then :D

Brohan457d ago ShowReplies(3)
mark_parch457d ago

to everyone who says microsoft didn't show anything at e3 i say bollocks. motorsport 7 is shaping up to be the best racing game this year, everyone who has played sea of thieves loves it including myself, state of decay is a very unique game that fans of the first game are looking forward to especially now it has 4 player co-op, ori and the will of the wisp was a lot of peoples game of e3, and then some great indie games like cuphead and the last night. i just hope they have some news on below at gamescom

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XiNatsuDragnel458d ago

Let's see because E3 for Xbox was..a letdown when it came in terms of announcements.

Death457d ago

Microsoft's E3 is a let down every year for Playstation fans. Xbox fans were happy to see the Xbox One X reveal and games coming out on both Xbox One S and X. Sony replayed E3 2016 and somehow their fans still thought that was better than new hardware and games.

Lazarus69457d ago

People are entitled to there opinion if some people think Sony's was better than Microsoft's then it was better just as others who think the reverse. I personally thought Sony's was better because they showed more games that--> I<-- was interested in.

Chevalier457d ago


" Announcing a game in 2016 for a 2019 release seems kind of pointless. I'm glad you are excited, I'm just not sure why you are this excited this early over a game you should have known was coming anyway."

How do you know it will be a 2019 release? Lol. Naughty Dog has 2 teams so its still possible for 2018. As for being excited when has the year it releases have anything to do with it? Does Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, Cuphead and a host of Xbox exclusives not come to mind when we talk about long release window from announcements? Man way to fanboy it up as usual Death!

BG11579457d ago

That's the problem right there. This is how you see things : "Xbox fans were happy to see the Xbox One X reveal and games coming out on both Xbox One S and X".
Now this is how a non fan sees things : "... games coming out on both Xbox One S, X and PC".

There lies the difference on perspective.
My perspective, every conference was bland, but there were some pearls amidst those conferences.

457d ago
TKCMuzzer457d ago (Edited 457d ago )

Death, why are you not critical of MS investment in 1st Party software? Yes I have a PlayStation but I would be critical if Sony were not making games for the PS4. I don't understand, you and certain others are all over defending BC, think Sony are shit for no cross play, yet when it comes to the most important thing about owning a console, you show no passion about MS lack of support for its hardware. You all say your gamers but seem to be least bothered about getting any from you beloved MS. Are you all in denial? Or is the fact you are all hanging on hoping and believing at some point going forward MS will announce some?
Either way,its not been good enough and it would be nice if you guys came out and admitted it and gave MS some grief about it, you, their fans are the only ones who can change the situation.

Death457d ago


I'm not critical of Microsoft's first party production because the impact of Sony's first party output is greatly exaggerated. I've been a PlayStation owner and fan since 1994 before the system even launched, I have a PlayStation collection that would put most "fans" collection to shame, That doesn't mean I buy every exclusive that comes out. There are many that don't interest me. That is the beauty of PlayStation though, they offer a lot of games because they have a more diverse fanbase that is worldwide. Microsoft has a much narrower fanbase to target and they do it well. I own and play about the same amount of exclusives on each system. so my perspective is based on my own personal experience. My most anticipated games coming are GT, Spider-Man, Forza 7 and oddly enough Cuphead. I love the vintage art and feel of the game. I'm considering upgrading to a Pro for GT and Spider-Man alone.

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81BX457d ago

I found Sonys presser to be a let down. I really liked ms, but to me Nintendo was the worse.

JaguarEvolved458d ago (Edited 458d ago )

Lol. Microsoft's e3 was terrible so I guess it'll be worse than terrible. I still cant understand how microsoft would talk pure crap about pro and day it has fake 4k because it uses checkerboard technique but it'll be used on a lot of Xbox one x games as well. They also didn't have any games for the xbox one x that looked better than driveclub, uncharted 4, or the order 1886. I was of the opinion that Microsoft shouldn't have released a new console but used money and resources to make exclusive games and open gaming studios. Also they should have just done a Xbox 360 and release a new generation console in 2018 where they could have a lot more powerful console and show new exclusive games . I already see fanboys saying to wait until next e3 when I've been waiting all gen for microsoft to release amazing games.

beans458d ago

Yeah they definitely have a lot to say which gets annoying because nobody asked for there bs opinion in the 1st place lol!

458d ago
Dlacy13g458d ago

I am taking this to mean... don't expect a 90+ min conference again. I am thinking they go back to something closer to 60 min.

XanderZane458d ago

It will probably be 60 mins. I just hope they don't just show a bunch of Indies. They need to show some AAA games and a few more exclusives.

beans458d ago

I just don't get it. Sure they need to show AAA games at some point soon but if they're not ready to be shown they're just not ready to be shown. Am i the only person who loved there E3 and thought that indies shown were incredible looking. There will be enough games to hold me over for awhile until announcements!

XanderZane457d ago

Hhhmmm.. no. Their E3 wasn't great. Last year was actually better. They really didn't show any new IP's that gamers were looking forward to. Most of the exclusives were timed. Sure some of the Indie games looked very good, but you don't want to impress a crowd with new hardware and have Indie games running on it. Having Anthem and Metro: Exodus was great, but neither are exclusives. Everyone knew about Forza 7 and knew it would look and run great. They needed a lot more surprises.

81BX457d ago

They showed me enough to support the xb1x. I don't mind some indie games but with cod, assassin's creed and cup head, halo 5, gears 4, crackdown 3, I'll have more than enough to play. I've also got back into uncharted 4 mp. Amazing mp and support for that game


And instead of 15 timed exclusive indies, there el be only 9