Discover The Creators: Hermen Hulst’s Top 6 PS4 Games

Introducing Discover the Creators, a new PlayStation Store program where we ask some of the biggest names in the biz to pick their favorite games. First up, Guerrilla's Hermen Hulst.

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Nyxus458d ago

Hermen has good taste.

mikeslemonade455d ago

Mgs5 and trico are not top 6 material

Inzo455d ago


For you maybe but this is Hulst's list. For me TLG is definitely under my top 5.

WickedLester456d ago

My top 6...

Horizon Zero Dawn
Ratchet and Clank
Until Dawn
Uncharted 4
The Last of Us: Re Mastered

Einhander1971456d ago

Yes he's obviously knows great games:)

RommyReigns456d ago

My personal top 6

Horizon Zero Dawn
The Last of Us Remastered
Uncharted 4
Ratchet and Clank
Rocket League

(still need to play Bloodborne and go for the platinum, and Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Remaster comes out on Friday, but I expect both to take over spots on my personal top 6 soon)

skwidd455d ago

Playing with the big boys then you gotta know politics. Big games and praise to Kojima in the light of their new relationship. Played every MGS and V was a disaster. MGS is my fave all time franchise and Guerilla is one of my top 2 if not fave developer. But no, V isn't even top 10. F you, Konami!!