Sony: PS4 talk is 'rumour'

The platform holder is said to be investigating the possibility of using the Cell in the PS4, but a Sony rep has labelled the story as "rumour and speculation".

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Sony Rep3726d ago

comment on rumor and speculation.

Better rework your console around something else, MS.

perseus3726d ago

It may be just a rumour but it is one based in logic. If Sony and IBM have got it right, then the cell is the next logical incarnation of processor tech. Adding more SPUs will increase efficiency without changing the programming architecture.

If the theoretical limits of the cell are practical as well, the PS4 having a cell and supplementary RAM isn't really "news".

The PS4 not having a cell WOULD be news.

Of course, this is assuming that the cell lives up to its expectations. I hope so, but only time will tell.

mindedone3726d ago

I think what was significant about this rumor is twofold; it said that the 4th generation is only a 2x improvement in processing power, and the RAM, while possibly having more, is a downgrade in type.