CSM: Silent Hill: Homecoming Review

CSM Writes:

"The point of all survival horror games is to create a hopeless, almost depressive mood that is filled with violence. In fact, if you don't have mood in this genre, you've failed. The first moment of the game isn't scary, though. You're tied to gurney, being pushed through a dark, dank hospital. You see scenes of torture in rooms and you're screaming. It's too over the top, though, fake-y. Once you're left alone, you break your bonds and begin to search the lonely rooms, and that's when the suspense and tension builds. The game gets more difficult midway through when save points and first aid become less available.

But the suspense flows more than it ebbs. Within a few hours you're exhausted, almost as if you've sloshed through the buckets of blood and the violence that's been laid upon you (along with the slicing and cutting you've been forced to commit to stay alive). Admittedly, gamers who play horror-oriented offerings have seen pretty much every monster clone imaginable. Demons like Lurkers, Smogs, and Needlers have been seen in some form elsewhere. But the crazed, blood-soaked Pyramid Head, who made his first appearance in Silent Hill 2, is somewhat unique, dragging his heavy sword as if it were a psychological burden as he limps along. But it's not the monsters that make the game work; it's the terrifying, tension-filled steps that lead up to the meeting. That's where Homecoming shines."

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bomboclaat_gamer3723d ago

yo i have my own review. graphics are good but the controls got serious issues. there are no options to choose inverted controls. for those of u who are used to inveted settings, then this is not for u. i dont know how they could release a game without the option for inverted y and x axis. big no no.

UnwanteDreamz3723d ago

Sounds to me like your hand eye has the issue. Please people if you are a fan give it a try. I am having a blast with this game.