Square-Go: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky Review

Square-Go Writes:

"Not that it's a quick blast. The sizeable chunk of Ukraine rendered (almost) realistically is huge and can take hours to traverse, while avoiding packs of mutant beasts and rival strongholds. Still having mates is nice, even if they do rip you off when you try to trade in second hand guns. You also have the added issue of only being able to carry a limited weight, so decisive choice of weapons is the order of the day.

While an incredible game, it's not perfect and a lot of newcomers will be put off simply by the difficulty of the combat. This especially during the opening swamps, although crawling through long grasses like Jason Bourne with a double-barrel shotgun is ace. There have also been some early reports of game-breaking crashes, but since the recent updates this hasn't been evident, so patch it up once it's installed and you're laughing. Frankly there's enough brilliance on display here to make it worth revisiting Ukraine and if it's you're first time in the Zone, you have to play."

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