Xbox Live Went Down Again - This Time Not Scheduled

After being down for 24 hours on Monday, users of Xbox Live went without the service again for 4 hours late Tuesday night and into early Wednesday morning. PWN or DIE kept up with Major Nelson and the Xbox Live support updates until service was restored.


Update#2: 12:53pm (cst) We are noticing the problems again and it is not just us. The Xbox Live Support site has the image above back on their site. Major Nelson has addressed this again via Twitter:

No, you're not crazy. LIVE is having a few issues right now. I am working on getting an update is being updated as we move through this issue.

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jaysquared3700d ago

So what i'm wondering when M$ brings the server down like this do we get extra days in our subscription?

OfficerTenpenny3700d ago

I think they gave out a free XBLA game, maybe Undertow, when it went down around the holidays. It remains to be seen if the last two days will yield anything like that.

RKRigney3699d ago

Sounds like a pipe dream to me... I noticed this last night and thought that my wireless router was acting up or something. Very strange.

Sony Rep3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Y'all pay for this?


Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3699d ago

...I thought it was Perfect???
(Oh sorry i did a 'pp') ;-D

d2dahoopa3699d ago

i dont have a clue what a xbot is

and i also have a ps3 which i do enjoy MGS4(havent finished yet) soo you know hahaha
get at me son/s

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SnakeShady3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

1 day or 2 it's not a big deal.
they are working to give you a better service.

SnakeShady3700d ago

I come from italy. forgive me.
thanks again.

slinkey1233699d ago

PSN never goes down and they dont have to pay for it.. SO its not acceptable for live to go down, as we have to pay for it!

No FanS Land3699d ago

It actually went down twice as I remember. One time in June for the obsolete 2.40 FW and another time for the MGO servers. I have a ps3 since june 12.

KingME3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I knew this thread was going to bring out the trolls and goblins. Can someone please tell my why PS3 fans do more whining about XBL being down than XBOX360 fans.

This is a classic definition of what is know as a "Hater". And most haters hate because they feel inferior.

Edit: Besides, the current status for XBL as I type this is: "UP AND RUNNING"

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vhero3699d ago

hahahaha and people actually pay for this crap? thank god i'm only a silver member. I'll get 1 month when gears 2 comes out but the sad people who pay for 1 years get what they deserve for letting MS rip them off like this.

RKRigney3699d ago

Give me a break. WoW does the exact same thing and that's for only ONE game, and I don't hear people whining about that. Sure, we all WISH Live were free, but it's not like we're being raped by Microsoft if it's not...

waltercross3699d ago

Live ISN'T WOW though, WoW is actually
a fun Game, since I updated video card I'll
probally get it again.

WOW has many servers., when I was on WOW never
did all of there servers go down for hours, but
the thing is that WOW players are Different then XBOX
Live players.

timmyrulz3699d ago

I have a brilliant idea, why dont people stop approving crap like this, so what if its down for a couple of hours, i pay for AOL and its always crashing and going down, does that mean i can report that on this site?

BabyStomper50003699d ago

AOL sucks. Always has, always will.

When you pay for a *superior* online service it shouldn't go down like this.

waltercross3699d ago

AOL??, Didn't know people still
use AOL.

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