Project CARS 2 Isn't Running at 4K nor at Locked 60FPS on Consoles, Including Xbox One X

Ian Bell, CEO of Slightly Mad Studios, refuted the claim that Project CARS 2 would run at 4K and 60fps on Xbox One X. The target will be lower on both XB1X and PS4 Pro.

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KaiPow177d ago

I hope there's at least an option to toggle between frame rate/resolution. There's definitely screenshot potential with some of those sexy machines.

thekhurg177d ago

Where are all the xbots from that other article claiming 4k/60fps on this game not possible on other consoles?

Dezmond177d ago

I'm an Xbot and I don't care.

ssmilloy36177d ago

dezmond. you clicked so you care

81BX177d ago

Thekhurg spends all his time trolling... I think it's cute ;)

Brave_Losers_Unite177d ago

You see Xbots don't care because they don't have feelings. They are robots who have one command which is to defend their console till someone deactivates them

LexHazard79177d ago

Dude... The article claimed it was promised to do 4K/60fps. So gamers were basing it off that. Obviously it was a bad source if the CEO has to come out and refute the claim.
Its still probably gonna run better than PS4 Pro. Lol...

WickedLester177d ago

If you're an Xbot why do you even care about PC2? Odds are you're playing Forza anyway.

B1uBurneR177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

I'm one, questions did you for a second felt this article puts both consoles on the same playing field? Ha! Too funny at the end of the Day US xbots knows unless dev chose parity, the best console version will be on the oX. ☺

It makes more sense for us Xbots to get excited over 4K natives news because the system is so far from release so devs still have time make improvements. 4Pro has been out for months yet we see more 1440p news than 4K. I guess the Other guys have to come to xbots articles for 4K news.. no hate jump in at launch.

MegamanXXX177d ago

Said it once going to say it again the consoles cpu is to blame

Krysis177d ago

I'm sure your parents love you even if they don't say it, or show it.

XanderZane177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

I still believe they were running it at native 4K 60fps on XB1X. Why would Slightly Mad Studios’ Game Director Stephen Viljoen even mention it if it wasn't true? Sounds to me like someone was forcing them to have parity, which is BS. There's no question this game could, would and should run better on the XB1X then any other game console.

This line alone pretty much tells us that someone didn't like that the XB1X version would be much better.
""We don’t like the term ‘locked’. It would put us in first party territory where chest beating is more important than a great experience."

blackout177d ago

Where are they. Let me gues, waiting on FORZA 7's 4k 60. PlayStation fans could have it, I will be playing the definitive shooter on my X1X.

DARK_WOLF177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

With scalable resolutions there is no excuse for not having 'locked' 60fps on all consoles with this game.

Its not about chest beating. Its about a smooth racing experience.

Even the slightest fps hiccup can wreck your corner and potentially make you crash in games like this where your on the edge of what the car can do.

That chest beating comment is stupid and smells of salt.

Gunstar75177d ago

Oh c'mon....

Change your pathetic fanboy narrative all you like.

At the end of the day....

HIGH end $1000+ PC>xb1x>psrpro>ps4> ;xb1

I know where my money is going

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LordJamar177d ago

why are you trying to start a war? are you really that butt hurt

headblackman177d ago

did they say that it was already running at 4k 60fps or did they promise that it will (meaning when it's released?) just asking :-/

jasonpugh177d ago

It's a freaking racing game. If it can't be done on PS4 Pro or Xbox One X it's weak.

medman177d ago

They up and disappeared like farts in the wind. Good riddance to stinky rubbish.

UCForce177d ago

@81BX Oh no, buddy ! That isn't the case. @thekhurg is right.

GameHead85176d ago

I knew thie XBOTX couldn't handle games like this at 4k at 60fps, I had high hopes though, cause I wanted to try this thing, see if microsoft stood by there word. I played all the Forza games from the 1st all the way up to the FH3.
Undoubtedly, this is the 3rd or 4th article I read saying that this thing can not handle 4k 60FPS on different games as well.

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DarXyde177d ago

Would you really choose resolution over frame rate in a racing game?

To me, that's as strange as choosing Movie Mode in Ni Oh.


In racing I'll take frame rate over resolution any day.

Gunstar75177d ago

Look at the frame rate bitches coming out the woodwork.

I think 60hz makes a game come alive, but it only really matters in fighters and fps games...

Yet you all blurt over Destiny lol

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GNCFLYER177d ago

Only evolution studios pulled that off with DC.

DarXyde176d ago (Edited 176d ago )


If you think frame rate only matters for fighting games, you must be trash at other genres. ANY game where input timing matters should have a fluid frame rate. It does not matter for turn based RPGs, but it does matter for fast paced action games. Devil May Cry, Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden, and NieR: Automata are a few examples of this. Racing games certainly benefit from it, especially when the sense of speed is greater. It demands fast reaction times, you fool.

Also, I don't care about Destiny and have made no comment on it, so you can stop that. But if I must, it should be 60fps if it's a twitch shooter. I don't know that it is since it's not something I've cared to look into.

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dumahim177d ago

Yeah, with most people not having 4k, using some extra power for faster, or at least more stable, framerates is greatly appreciated.

tee_bag242177d ago

That's always an option I'd want. I'm pretty sure it's getting CPU bottlenecked rather than GPU bottlenecked on both consoles. Project cars despite its comparisons to arcade racers had a ton of physics going on.

butchertroll177d ago

What a glorious backpedaling from some members here. Promises = it will be.

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Angainor7177d ago

Forza 7 is 4K/60. Am i missing something here or third parties don't even bother to optimize for 1X?

Septic177d ago

"We don’t like the term ‘locked’. It would put us in first party territory where chest beating is more important than a great experience."

Ouch- what's with this sodium?!

"We’ll be 60 most of the time in normal racing and we’ll push the consoles to and beyond their limits for more interesting racing. Even if that means dropping a few frames."

Well its a shame but we'll see the end results. Perhaps this game is pushing the consoles to their absolute limits

timotim177d ago

I actually don't have a problem with that, depending on what they call "a few frames". If they can get it where a few means between 50-60 then I say bring it. But if a few means 20 then no thanks.

Unreal01177d ago


So much for that beast eh. Looks like another game where all versions will be running pretty much the same then.

Septic177d ago

"So much for that beast eh. Looks like another game where all versions will be running pretty much the same then."

Lol oh we'll see.....we'll see.

You guys really want it to be the same...its understandable.

But soon you will witness the POWER OF THE BEAST! ♏

Aenea177d ago

Aww, the poor beast isn't capable enough! Perhaps put it out of it's misery and make a nice meal out of it, one that's better than falafal! 😜

Phoenix76177d ago


I have question need to ask you mate...... Do you actually play any games? As I see you on nearly every single article when I pop on

Septic177d ago

N4G is the best metagame!

DARKKENT177d ago

Septic and this 'the beast nonsense'

To think this is actually a grown man that shaves

Scary and sad at the same time

Septic177d ago

Ah Darkkent- what's worse, using the term or others squirming uncomfortably as they can't fathom....the true POWER OF THE BEAST!

Don't sheg me braav

Juiceid177d ago

Oh man, I hope you are right about the x. You should change your tag to 'optimistic' instead of septic. I'm not as optimistic about the x, but I'm hoping for the best!

Shuckylad177d ago

If your rocking a freesync monitor with your 1X you won't even feel the dropping frames.

Legacy212177d ago

It's really sad to see how insecure some people are. Games haven't even been shown yet and people here already are saying "they're going to look the same" lol oh man shadow of war will like a word with you. Maybe if you wish on a shooting star you can make 6 teraflops vs 4.2 and 4.5 vs 9gb of ram look the same lolololol. Geeze I wonder what u thought about 900p vs 1080p debalacle

MegamanXXX177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

Microsoft should have put a Zen cpu in. But I know they were trying to keep the cost down and it's understandable. All they did was overclock the Jaguar cpu a little just like Sony but unfortunately that didn't help to much to get 4K 60fps

Phoenix76177d ago


N4G is the best metagame!

Please elaborate the context of that statement.

Sevir177d ago

Power of the Beast is the new coin... what happen to power of the clouds?

You guys are grasping for everything i swear

Septic177d ago

The power of the cloud is coming! Crackdown brehs!

UCForce177d ago

"But soon you will witness the POWER OF BEAST" Ugh, I don't want to say this, but you speaking like a cult.

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trainsgofast177d ago

"It sounds like the game will run at lower than 4K and slower than 60fps even on Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro, then." No one said this from the developer. WOW So it will be 4k dynamic resolution/60-55FPS. Ok that's why i have Forza 7.

nowitzki2004177d ago

Feel so bad for you guys, You really believed MS again.

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thekhurg177d ago

3rd parties aren't going to optimize for all platforms. They're going to code for the original xbox one, and just upscale from there across all of the other consoles.

343_Guilty_Spark177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

That's not how it works. You don't set targets low then scal up, you go high then scale down and find the happy medium for quality and performance

Guyfamily999177d ago

It's crazy how people don't understand this. The amount of base Xbox Ones and PS4s out there absolutely dwarves the amount of mid gen consoles there are.

DarXyde177d ago

343_ guilty_ spark,

No. Have you never heard the term "developing for the lowest common denominator"? There's a reason games only developed for PlayStation for example look and/or perform noticeably better than multiplatform titles.

So no, you don't start high. You start low to make sure you have a foundation in place, followed by upward tweaks for newer hardware. Your logic only works with mobile devices.

XanderZane177d ago

It's actually the total opposite. Developers have already came out and said they would code for the top consoles first and then downscale it to run on the older platforms. It's the same way they do it on PC's.

TriniXLNC177d ago

Incorrect. All console dev kits have higher specs than their market counterparts. Developers go high then scale down till they find the optimal performance. But this also goes to show how highly optimized the Forza engine is, especially since the Turn 10 geniuses can pull of 4K/60fps with GPU power to spare. While there is no doubt that not all games will be native 4K/60 fps, depending on studios' capabilities, hardware (mainly CPU) limitations, and developers' choices as where to allocate their resources, I will give credit to where its due....The X is a powerful machine. But ultimately when I play my games, as long as I find it looks and runs good, then I'll be happy....just as I am with my current fave, Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 Pro. While it is checkerboarding, it looks good on my Samsung KS8500. As long as the game look good in your eyes, it shouldn't matter what other people think. Just enjoy the games, folks!

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bluefox755177d ago

First party games are always more optimized than 3rd party games. Forza being one of the most optimized.

livedeht177d ago

Hence the importance of Microsoft to invest in 1st party, only then will Xbonex be fully utilized. Until then it will see parity.

MegamanXXX177d ago

So basically they need more first party studios and games

177d ago
Rude-ro177d ago

You are talking about an exclusive game engine that has been used for many years. Pushing 4k textures on an sole Xbox one game is not hard to accomplish. It is litterally forza 6 dialed up for xox...

A third party developer is focused on the current market share with PS4 and Xbox one.
Dialing up anything comes down to the tools provided to them for the mid gen console upgrades.
From the sounds of it, those tools have not been in developers hands for very long being most games are just putting the shine on the current games releasing within the next 6 months.

KionicWarlord222177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

" It is literally forza 6 dialed up for xox"

It is vastly far beyond Forza 6 just dialed up. Digital Foundry already mentioned this in there rundown.

It crushes Forza 6 Apex maxed out on PC.

Lets stop the nonsense here.

Aenea177d ago


"Lets stop the nonsense here."

Yeah, let's! Why don't you start first?

Rude-ro177d ago (Edited 177d ago )


There is litterally nothing different as far as the game engine. Every tree, flag, etc are all the same.
How many new tracks?
How many new cars?

Dialing up reflections and a 4k shine on an Xbox one x that is 4x more powerful is not a huge feat when the game engine being used is at least 6 years old.
That is the benefit of a cookie cutter franchise.., easy to dial up.
I just feel bad for xboxone players that are going to buy the same game again with minor tweaks

KionicWarlord222177d ago (Edited 177d ago )

The track detail is vastly better in Forza 7 because look at the dubai track at E3 that is higher quality video.

The content of Forza 7 is 700 cars 30 locations and "200 variations" of these tracks in the game.


"Dialing up reflections and a 4k shine on an Xbox one x that is 4x more powerful is not a huge feat when the game engine being used is at least 6 years old.
That is the benefit of a cookie cutter franchise.., easy to dial up. "

This is complete NONSENSE. Did you even listen to what digital foudnry said in the video i posted.

I get people may not even be playing Forza 7 but knock it off already.

UCForce177d ago

@KionicWarlord222 "Let stop the nonsense here" Uhh, ok ? But you said that first. So who making nonsense ? You or them ?

Chris12177d ago


Complaining about flags and tree's being the same on a real world track. Perhaps the devs should use more of both, and perhaps some dancing girls on the start/finish line just to jazz it up a bit.
And don't go down the road that the look the same, how are you supposed to judge 4k res and 4k textures from a compressed Youtube video. Lve that XOX is triggering so much downplay.

Rude-ro177d ago

The only downplay is the game.
Will it "look" better than any other forza? Yes...
But the point you are missing, when the game is releasing every other year and reusing the exact same assets over and over...
They are making the same game look better. No different than a remaster.
Great for the fans... but acting like it is a huge feat of gaming engineering then I believe that is the mistake you are making.

The defense force is as strong as your "triggering" statement.
Who is getting triggered? The only fans getting the short end of the stick are the ones playing on Xbox one. It is an exclusive.

Chris12177d ago

Ahh, so all the other Forza's have used 4k textures. And real time lighting. And volumetric effects. And truck racing. And dynamic weather. And other tweaks plus headroom to continue improving a game months before release.

But yeah, exactly the same.

butchertroll177d ago (Edited 177d ago )


Oh, 4k assets in Forza 7. Right?
-Ambient occlusion is missing for most of the geometry.
-Lighting is only right on photogrammetry assets.
-Fhotogrammetry assets have really low resolution textures.
-Most of reflections are not real time calculated.
-Geometry reflections on the cars run at half the framerate.
-Car shadows don't project over track assets.
-Some tracks elements don't render at full resolution.