Forza 7 vs Assetto Corsa - Porsche 911 GT2 RS vs GT3 RS Sound and Graphics Comparison

We've already seen a bad weather confrontation of Forza Motosport 7 and DriveClub so this time, the new Forza goes to battle with Kunos Simulazioni's Assetto Corsa , but instead of rain, we can admire Porsche in full sun.

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masterfox173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

Seriously Evolution studio and all its developers/designers,etc, need to comeback !, I definitely think Sony didn't do the correct decision about this studio, I'm saying this because I mean just look at this videos, this devs of Forza, Asseto Corsa, Project Cars they just can't match the realism of Driveclub!, even with all that supposed graphics power they just can't reach Driveclub visuals, is just ridiculous!.

Forza 7 no-real car visuals
Driveclub real car visuals
Simple as that!. ;)

Septic173d ago

Lol this is a drivecluv article? Driveclib imo looked decent only when it had the weather effects turned up. know....the game itself...and the frame rate...

IRetrouk173d ago

Nothing wrong with driveclubs frame rate, you are chatting shite😂😂, I play the game to this day and have never seen the game drop frames at all, it's a solid 30fps, the visuals look lush regardless of settings and it's fast and responsive, hundreds of events to do and the gameplay is straight up pgr4, driveclub is basically pgr5, one of the best arcade track racers out, I got the plat and have put hundreds of hours into the game, also why can't he mention other games?? I see it done all the time in articles, don't see you mentioning it on a ps article so why now?? Forza looks fantastic by the way, those reflections on the car look really good, try playing the game septic...

Septic173d ago

"Nothing wrong with driveclubs frame rate, you are chatting shite😂😂, I play the game to this day and have never seen the game drop frames at all, it's a solid 30fps,"

Err yeah you kind of are making the point for me. Its 30fps....versus 60fps.

Fishy Fingers173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

"It's a solid 30fps"

I think that's the frame rate 'problem' that he meant.

Edit: pipped to the punch.

IRetrouk173d ago

Bullshit, nothing wrong with 30fps at all, septic ain't played it 🙃and don't see why fishy knickers is getting involved you added nothing to the conversation at all.

Fishy Fingers173d ago

Dude. You're trying too hard. It's a Forza/AC thread. Post after post, just let the DC rhetoric go.

IRetrouk173d ago

Why? Almost every thread about a game on here gets other games mentioned all the time, dont see too many people pipe up about it, I didn't start the driveclub conversation, but I will defend a good game when others who have not touched it try to downplay it or talk complete balls about it, like i say you have added nothing to the conversation.

Fishy Fingers173d ago

Cute. Then keep up the good work buddy, it's very noble of you.

IRetrouk173d ago

Nothing to do with being noble dude, I enjoyed the game, I can understand not liking a game for whatever reason but downplaying it with bull is a bit much don't ya think? Dude hasn't even played the game, yet knows how it plays etc??

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Lev1903173d ago

AAA Driveclub. Great looking game, mediocore driving.

I geuss gameplay isnt important when you can watch the raindrops instead of racing.

IRetrouk173d ago

Try playing the game, the gameplay is like pgr, same handling and everything, mediocore gameplay😂😂 8514; it's one of the fastest feeling racers out bar none, you feed ain't played it.

Kiwi66173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

So despite this article being clearly a sound comparision between Forza 7 & Assetto Corsa you turn it into a Driveclub promotion, so why are you sour, is it because they said Forza 7 has better sound than Assetto Corsa

IRetrouk173d ago

Happens all the time, don't see you complaining on the ps threads🤔🤔

Kiwi66173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

@IRetrouk why should i go into ps threads when i have no reason to do so at the moment

IRetrouk173d ago

Not what I'm saying at all, it's done by both sides, you mention ps and it's fans a lot, but what you complain about happens on both sides, go into any gt article if you want proof.

thekhurg173d ago

Liar. You were in a PS article about God of War 7 hours ago at the time of this post.

Kiwi66173d ago

@thekhurg i was talking about at that point in time hence why i said "at the moment"

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mandingo173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

@masterfox Haahahahah. You do realize the only reason drive club looks the way it does is because it runs at 30 fps. I hear this all the time! Nothing matches DriveClub! Yea it looks good but it plays like dogshit. Forza looks amazing and runs at 60 fps. Same with Project Cars and Assetto Corsa for the most part. Your comment is pretty dumb I could barely take you seriously.

173d ago
IRetrouk173d ago

Obviously have not played driveclub.

mandingo173d ago

Someone hasn't played Forza

IRetrouk173d ago

My Xbox username is the same as this one, why don't you go and see if I've played Forza or not? Also look out for the horizon games I've played too, and gears, halo, and any other exclusives ms has brought out........

mandingo173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

That was towards Osafunekataana

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airforcex173d ago (Edited 173d ago )

DriveClub = 30FPS on fake tracks. Many Forza, Assetto and PCAR tracks are laser scanned. There is barely any realism in DriveClub, which belongs in the same group as Need for Speed, etc.

173d ago
freshslicepizza173d ago

Realism of Driveclub? Looks like it has magnets on the tires and why would a game that is half the frame rate and with half the cars onscreen be considered comparable to Forza 7?

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mcstorm173d ago

For me Forza just edges it because of the little things that happen in the game like moving parts on the track and on the car. Both look amazing though.

IRetrouk173d ago

Forza clearly has the upper hand here

ILostMyMind173d ago

I also like this thing. In other games, cars look so static.

173d ago
Cupofjoe173d ago

Ashame pro wasn't out for driveclub because resolution absoluetly kills it next to 4k or dynamic 4k

InKnight7s173d ago

Really? Sound test 2 different cars gt2 rs isnt gt3 rs

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