Kombo Hands-on: Could LBP Be the New Super Mario Bros.?

Kombo Writes: "On October 21, gaming will change forever. The worlds of social networking and gaming will collide in the best possible way. The secret is out by now; the hottest ticket on the planet right now is getting into the LittleBigPlanet beta. I got in and I'm going to spill all the enchanted details.

You start off by learning the basics -- simple stuff like walking and jumping. After playing a few of the pre-loaded levels that show off what the game is capable of and getting acquainted with the fairytale world, you'll immediately grow attached to this game. It might be the adorable marionette like Sackboy character or the endlessly charming design of the items that inhabit the world but regardless, something will trigger in your brain to help you fall in love."

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DarK-SilV3700d ago

"The potential for this game to meet the incredibly high expectations and be a "destroyer app" (that'd be one higher than a killer app, for those keeping score) is increasingly plausible because of what is playable"
only on Ps3

3700d ago
cmrbe3700d ago

about 2 months ago i was picked on for saying that LBP might be the new Mario.

Another 10 coming.