Oddworld's reponsors get the support needed to bring Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HD to Xbox One

How many times have we seen users asking for retweets to get things? The most curious thing is that this time we echo a somewhat bizarre request from the responsible study of Oddworld, who would have published a tweet in which they request 1000RT to communicate with Phil Spencer to carry out the port of Oddworld: Stranger Wrath HD for Xbox . As you can see in the tweet, "1000 RTs and we will email Phil!".

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Fearmonkey459d ago

I want it to come to PS4, id buy it. I loved that game, have it on the vita.

spicelicka459d ago

Ohh I loved that game! It was creative.

andrewsquall459d ago

Why should they bother when Microsoft, or Phil Spencer who was VP of Micorsoft Studios at the time, kept making excuses turning down the game?

At one point it was even the petty 2gb XBLA size limit that stopped the game from coming and when the Oddworld team got it trimmed down, they STILL made pathetic excuses.

shinoff2183459d ago

Just bring it to ps4 and call it a day.

nitus10459d ago

Unfortunately "Oddworld: New and Tasty" is only available for the PS4. "Oddworld: Strangers Wrath" is actually available for the Vita so there is always a possibility it may be brought out for the PS4.

SlyBoogie1993458d ago

I have Oddworld: New and Tasty on PS4 and Xbox One and PS VITA, it was a timed exclusive but is available now Xbox