Left 4 Dead Dev Blog Online

Mike Booth writes,

"Since we announced Left 4 Dead in late 2006, the growing online community has been a great source of feedback and support during the development process. We're planning on using this blog to talk more directly with that community - through stories, artwork, and insights into our design and development process. There's also a Left 4 Dead forum where we're hoping you'll let us know what you think of the blog, the game, or anything else L4D-related.

The game is finally nearing completion, and we're down to the final tweaks before it goes out the door. This week, we're all playtesting the Xbox 360 version of the game non-stop. There are two kinds of playtesting at Valve. There's the kind that happens throughout development, where we bring in people from outside the company, watch them tackle the game, and then make changes based on their experience."

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solar3729d ago

doesnt this quote "Company Loves Own Product!" scream of Heavy Weapons Guy from TF2? perfect.