The Top 5 Rareware Games

The developer Rare, formerly known as Rareware, has developed some of the greatest games of all time. A user-submitted article written for takes a look at the five best Rareware games of all time, and gives a brief description of each game.

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hombrehambre3667d ago

While the list is compiled almost entirely of N64 games, that doesn't make it wrong. I agree with this list completely.

RKRigney3667d ago

I wonder what some of their lesser-known "pre DKC" games are?

tinydancer3667d ago


dude... Battletoads? hello?

RKRigney3667d ago

They did Battletoads? Really? Hm. Ya learn something new every day, I guess.

Montrealien3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

let's go further back, Anticipation, RC Pro-Am 1-2 and the Genesis version, Wizard and Warriors 1-2-3 (I loved this series as a child). ALien 8 on the Spectrum, and countless arcade ports and TV game shows on the NES. They used to pump out a few games a year back in the day, those where different times. I still, and always will have a place in my heart for Rare.

this is a decent List, those would not have been my choices, to each his own. And yeah, Battletoads was hot, the Arcade version was the best imho. Played it a few days ago on MAME on my Xbox with a few friends. Infinite quarters is a big thing for us, lol

SaiyanFury3666d ago

Holy crap, I never knew they did Wizards and Warriors on the NES. Kudos, and bubbles to you, Montrealien.

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hombrehambre3667d ago

Rare has unfortunately, become a company that just can't live up to its past.

RKRigney3667d ago

That could all change with the new Banjo... besides, Viva Pinata is fantastic!

Sena Kobayashi3666d ago

Cant live up to his past.... You never played Conker on Xbox ? this proves it.

tinydancer3667d ago

I never even liked Donkey Kong Country.

Timesplitter143667d ago

Put Goldeneye in second place, and add Battletoads as #6, and I agree

TheColbertinator3667d ago

Take off Donkey Kong Country and add Jet Force Gemini.

Also GoldenEye should be number one and Conkers is number 3.

And no Killer Instinct? Shame on you all

ape0073666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

I think after reading your comments

I guess that you are a hardcore gamer man

very few people will understand how I feel about rare now(you are one of them)

rare,today you are nothing compared to your past and they know it

damn,too many amazing games rare,not only those 5 amazing games

dck 2(one for the ages and it's much better than the unbelievable dck1),dck3killer instincs gold,blast corpse(amazing,unbelievable game),dk64,the amazing jet force jimini(one of the best 3rd person shooters ever existed)

now just look at rare,oh my god,crap after crap

grabbed by the ghouls,pdz(the biggest disappointmenet known to man)viva pinata,cameo,banjo n&b looks crap(still I have to try it)

and imo perfect dark 1 was the best fps shooter game ever made,goldeneye is second,rare was unbelievable

TheColbertinator3666d ago

The problem with why I cannot accept Viva Pinata is because I hate the franchise.The show is horrible and to me the characters are forgettable.If Rare was the sole creator of Viva Pinata,I think Rrae would make a spectacular comeback because VP2 is very good.But it stinks of TV/movie franchises and the series is shameful.

Rare took the Bond franchise and made a masterpiece.If they can get another strong franchise,I have no doubt that they could create another hit.Or if they make a new IP with plenty of development time,they would return to glory.

But its obvious that after they split with Nintendo,they are just not the same AAA developers they used to be.

Cenobia3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

Jet Force Gemini was awesome. Never beat it though because you had to find all the tribals, which was ridiculously hard. I hated that they didn't tell you that at the beginning. It felt like an added bonus mission that suddenly became mandatory. I didn't have the patience for it back then, or ever really.

I'd personally put Goldeneye higher, but I never had the chance to play Conker, and was never that into Banjo.

A also remember being disappointed in Nintendo and whatever DK game required that N64 add on. It felt like a scam since the N64 was clearly built for it ahead of time. I also kind of feel like that was one of the steps they took that led to the Wii (with all it's peripherals and the half a controller it comes with).

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