GamePro Reviews Silent Hill: Homecoming

GamePro reports, "In the mood to jump out of your skin with fright? If you enjoy strolling the gritty alleys of the dark side of gaming, Silent Hill has long been a destination of choice despite an uneven entry or two. Sadly, though Homecoming boasts some genuinely intense moments of dread, its equally distressing gameplay flaws will take a big bite out of your enjoyment."

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Bennosaur3701d ago

Another average review for what I was hoping to be an great game. Still I am gonna keep positive. I don't think linear gameplay is really an issue with horrors as I kinda want to be forced into going through the door that looks scary and not have the option to go off and come back to it later. I don't know which console I will pick it up for yet, I cant see there being any major differences between 360 and PS3. Hopefully it will have Trophies for the ps3 version to make it an even closer call.

Silogon3701d ago

As I've been saying, last gen graphics, last gen controls and gameplay. What an average game. A game not worth spinning inside next gen hardware like the ps3 and xbox 360, that's for sure. Should've been on the Ps2 or wii.

socomnick3701d ago

Dont worry guys this is gamepro, they dont know squat about games.