The Five Most Annoying Game Mechanics

TalkXbox writes: "It takes time to perfect a profession. Law students attend school for nearly a decade just to be considered "amateurs." High expectations follow suit in the video game industry. Unless one's parents are Shigeru Miyamoto and Jade Raymond, they're probably going to err along the way. It's unfortunate when a fantastic experience is marred by simple mistakes. In an effort to insure this doesn't repeatedly occur, we've constructed a list of terrible game design ideas that continue to make their way into the games we play. In order to get rid of a problem, we have to identify what it is, so let's get to it..."

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morganfell3701d ago

Most annoying - 50% of everything in The Bourne Conspiracy.

n9com3701d ago

good thing i never bought that, my friend was going crazy about it when he heard about a game being made based on TBC.

morganfell3701d ago

I am a Bourne fan - first Ludlum and then the movies years later. Now Lustbader's novels. But this game was all over the map. It tried to be a prequel and a sequel. On top of that the fact that someone like Bourne that is so daring yet in game he can't leap across a waist high box. Then Bourne can pick a lock in nothing flat but every door locks behind him. He can't shoulder roll, leg sweep, or jump.

Worse, the devs violate a cardinal rule of game development. Never let AI do something that the player can't. I don't mean fly a plane if the player doesn't have the knowledge, but AI can wield knives and batons, pull off kick and punch combos Bourne can't. Bourne wields a baton, hits one guy and then drops said baton to fight two other people. The guy has an over bloated sense of fairness.

High Moon's resident idiot game designers should take a lesson from Uncharted.

Plain and simple if you want to go the route of the Bourne game just buy Stranglehold and you'll be much happier.

poindat3701d ago

"Online Focus"

I really agree with this. With gaming becoming so online-centric, I feel like I am the only gamer that still enjoys the single player aspect of games more than the online.

PirateThom3701d ago

You're not alone!

I'd much rather play a good, if short, single player than a tacked on single player with infinite online play.

It's just my play style.

My favourite two games last year?

Mass Effect and Uncharted. Neither of which even had online.

morganfell3700d ago

Although I agree with you, Online Focus isn't a game mechanic but rather a game direction and design choice. Game Mechanics deal directly with player interaction with the game and game interaction with the player.

mindedone3700d ago

I think that there are some games that were just meant for online. People don't buy Call of Duty or Halo or SOCOM for SP. If you buy these games for SP then you were clearly misinformed. However, what gets me is tacking on some lame online to a traditionally SP game. Most often it's just broken.

schmeidenkamp3700d ago

i could care less if i get to play online or not. i like getting into the story and enjoying games by myself.

i have the orange box, never touched team fortress 2
cod4, sold it already
gta4, i play it to mess around by myself
mgs4, MGO sucked

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hay3700d ago

Lame jumping mechanic. Ninja Gaiden. Game itself was challenging, but not hard imo. The thing that pissed me off was not polished enough jumping mechanic.

RealityCheck3700d ago

Pretty good editorial, there are some truths in all the annoyances mentioned. Now if only game designers listened instead of letting their ego get in the way.

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