Techgage: ASUS Rampage Extreme Review

Techgage Writes:

"Impossible: Recommending a $400 motherboard. It's true... how could I reasonably recommend such an expensive motherboard? Truth is, I really can't. But what's important to note, is that while the board is expensive, it delivers enough to actually warrant the price tag... but like most things, it all depends on what you are looking for or expect.

Let's start with the obvious... the overclocking-ability. ASUS really went to town with the Rampage Extreme, and it's apparent the first time you enter the BIOS. The tweaking-ability caters to both the layman and the hardcore overclocker, and nobody will feel left out. Best of all, even if you feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options available, you can just wimp out (like me) and stick with what you know, and you'll still be able to achieve a great clock.

Past that, the board is covered with more bling than a bad-boy hip-hop artist. Everywhere you look, there's robust-looking heatsinks with cool red shrouds, an RoG emblem that glows even when the PC is turned off, a Northbridge water-block, replacement sinks, the LCD Poster and oh, let's not forget the on-board overclocking controls."

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sak5003724d ago

Great mobo. Proud to be working for such a good company. I might even get this board at good discount.