Far Cry 2 - could this multiplayer topple COD 4?

Msxbox-world today got some hands on with Far Cry 2's multiplayer in London and by the sounds of things are rating the game pretty high. Is this the game to topple COD 4 or will it be COD 4 the jungle massive?

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chaosatom3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

I would like to think of Far Cry has mostly a single player game, I would say no.

Simply because it would be lacking in addiction level compared to COD4.

And also the awe of graphical powerhouse has been over ever since COD4 was released.

So yeah, pretty hard to do, But I am hoping for A great single-player.

outlawlife3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

well cod5's multiplayer is just cod4's with the clock turned back 60 years so the comparison is fair

but honestly the original far cry's multiplayer was kinda fun but annoying at times, without the customization of the perk system and such i doubt far cry will have the shelf life, but the map edito is awesome and wish more games had this

far cry does with the map editor what forza does with the liverly editor, it makes the game appeal to more than those who just want to play, im sure at least a few people will buy it with map creation as their primary focus

but honestly no matter how good far cry 2 is it isnt going to reach the level of cod4/ just won't appeal to as many people

Nitrowolf23701d ago

i wouldnt say its the same gameplay, it all up to how tyranch made the game play, mybe they took it from COD4 and the character moves the same way and everything or mybe they made his movement a bit stiff or how ever i can describe it, its just that movemnet that in allot of old base war shooter games

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ShadesMoolah3701d ago

The article states that Far Cry 2 offers the required addiction level with class upgrades gained by XP as well as weapons perks. The bonus here is that the game also offers an amazing looking map maker.

Fishy Fingers3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

I think Resistance 2 and Gears will take care of COD4. What if seen of Far Cry's multiplayer doesnt overly impress me and sometimes the open environment can play against you, make fire fights few and far between. I could be wrong, but either way, there's to many great games coming for COD4 to stay at the top.

I love COD and play it all the time but really I'm just waiting for something else now. COD just passes the time better than any other FPS currently out.

PS... I think Far Cry 2 will have an excellent single player campaign.

ShadesMoolah3701d ago

I assume you've played R2 then to make such a bold statement?

As far as I can tell they are two different types of shooter. So why even bring up the comparison?

There is room for more than one Big Boss you know.

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