Thunderbolt Games Review's Rock Band 2

Thunderbolt: "Aside from the filler-esque songs and samey-feel to the whole Rock Band 2 experience, my only real gripe lies with the character customization. Rock Band gave players a decent set of options to tweak their polygon-padded McCartneys and Bonhams, but the sequel fails to expand enough to make the creation process feel like anything but a re-hash from the first title. Why not just allow players to import their previous avatars from the first title if there isn't enough new content or options?

This may seem like small potatoes, but considering that up-and-coming stage-sensation Guitar Hero: World Tour supposedly touts an insanely detailed character creation tool, it only takes points away from Harmonix's center piece.

All in all, Rock Band 2 only expands on an experience that was near perfected with the previous title, an experience that can only be improved upon with each new game in the series. While nothing terribly new has made its way onto the new disc, the amount of songs more than covers the price of admission. And you won't even have to sit through any putrid local opening acts."

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