Rare does not deny KI3, but combo lovers take it as an offence

On early September, a very special music sheet was sent to MundoRare by Microsoft. What made it so special was the title, since it was labelled as the main theme of Killer Instinct 3. [...]

Shortly after this, composer Chris Tilton, fellow workmate of Michael Giacchino (thus a veteran of soundtracks like Alias, The Incredibles and Mission: Impossible III) happened to be reading the site. He arranged a beautiful version of the piece, encouraging other musicians to work on it as well. [...]

The latest news on Killer Instinct 3 has made its way around the Internet thanks to an interview with Gregg Mayles at MTV Multiplayer. When asked about the fighting saga, Mayles resorted to stock answers and played Rare's usual ambiguous game. [...]

MundoRare dissects what Mayles said. He states that doing a game due to the sake of IP is not "the right thing to do." He says that if someone came up with a "revolutionary idea" for the next Killer Instinct title, then they might think of doing it. We don't need to read quote enough times to make the head spin to conclude that Mayles has done what Rare's been doing for ages: giving out non-answers instead of denying it as tons of sites are out to believe. Who's to say that they haven't thought of this revolutionary idea ages ago, and are thus working on the game now? If Rare really wanted to deny Killer Instinct 3, they would just flat-out say that they're not working on it, much like Loveday has had to do in Scribes over and over again ad nauseum for ten years.

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Lord Shuhei Yoshida3701d ago

Killer Instinct 3? Its 10 years too late for that one Rare.Stop developing flops and then we shall see what other franchises you want to ruin

moja3699d ago

One of my fave games of all time.